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Emily Elbert


Emily Elbert

Thinking Hybrid Redirected

It's just more of the same changes*
Headphones can only take me so far away
This is the point where I reassess my arrangements
It's time to revert to what needs to be saved

Cause I've spent too long with my shoes on
Let myself start to play it safe
And my reactions became the factions of a misdirected race

Speaking of race, I'm compelled to run
Off the charts of what's expected
Once again, I will follow the sun
Thinking hybrid; redirected

To finding melodies in the white noise
Secret passageways and doors
Trace the trails of forgotten flying creatures
I will never, never again ignore

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Speaking of creatures, I'm compelled to fly
Off the charts of what's expected
Once again, I will channel the sky
Thinking hybrid; redirected

A dive into the rain is an awakening; a sudden gust of wind
So as the storm brings forth the green progression
I too, will grow again

I am aware, awake, and able
I am digging in living land
Balanced, yet affected
Perpetual I climb
Above all, I am connected

Thinking hybrid; redirected