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Emily Elbert


Emily Elbert

Not A Fool

Time swept our love out with the rain*
And my heart slipped away
To the darkest of caves
And didn't come back for days

Now I sleep alone in our old bed
And I stage out my thoughts
And the unlikely plots
The things that remain unsaid

But I was not a fool
For believing in you
Not a fool
Just in over my head

We said that we would be good friends
But your shoulder turned cold
And your arms just let go
And found someone else instead
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When I find the right one to love me
Don't call me saying that you're feeling lonely
Cause I've been lonely
And I don't need you
To waltz on in and expect to win cause you don't have a clue

Now I watch the snow
And feel the change
Now that wintertime's here
My mind starts to clear
I feel like myself again

No I'm nobody's fool
Maybe find somebody new
Not a fool, but a lover instead