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Fury In The Slaughterhou


Fury In The Slaughterhou

One Good Reason

Here we're sitting at the end of our love
And the tears run down like a waterfall
Like a baby you lie in my arms
And i shout in you're ears, but you don't hear me call
Always thought we were made for each other
And there is nothing that could come between us
And now you're hanging on the phone, calling you're mother
Is this really going to be the end

Just give me one good reason to go
And i'll be gone, faster than the wind blows
One good reason to go
And i'll be gone - (i'll be gone)
Faster than the wind can blow
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Faster than the wind can blow
Wind can blow
Faster than the wind can blow

There were so many unspoken words
And so many things undone
But you won't have the chance to say what you think
When i'm sitting here alone and you're gone
For every trouble we had a kiss
And i'm sure that the troubles are not what i miss
But i can't push it away, and say it's never been there
Is this really goin' to be the end