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Fury In The Slaughterhou


Fury In The Slaughterhou

Frontpage Of The Sun

Bring me down
If that is what you want o.k. have fun
Bring me down
And bring it on the frontpage of the sun
Bring me down
In highclass colour turn the truth upside down
Bring me down
And see what you can print to make me mad
Before i go to bed

I think it's cool,
I think it's fun
To be on the frontpage of the sun

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My own son
Takes drugs i'm sorry i never had one
And all my friends
The thousands that i had you say they're gone
You think i'm great
The problem is that you are what i hate
You say i'm gone
That's right but you don't know where
And i won't take you there

I think it's cool...