For Come Ya (Before We Came Here) 歌詞 Gregory Abbott ※
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Gregory Abbott


Gregory Abbott

For Come Ya (Before We Came Here)

Times we act like we are indestructible
As if our actions don't have consequences
No, not ever
Mother earth has seen the unconscionable
Their will come a time when we cant
Even put her back together

There's a connection to every action
Minds of the ancients planned generations
We're so obsessed with our own satisfaction
What will we do now?

The rhythm of life
Must have been nice
Such a fine site for come ya
Reaching for the light
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Its our sacred right
To make it like it was
For come ya

When will we learn?

Who can tell you the real meaning of success?
Most are looking for a great kind of compensation
In our memories there's a higher consciousness
Maybe here is where we'll finally find our true salvation

So much destruction no satisfaction
Try standing still and if you are willing
You'll find the answers there right inside you
Lets simplify our lives