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Love Order

Remember me
when the circus comes to town
and you're welcomed in, but can't get out
and no one hears you shout
remember me

remember me
cause i'm drying, lost at sea
for a day that won't be happening
as you turn away, i hear you say
you remember me
remember me


love - when your chemicals take hold
love - but you don't know where it goes
love - will you try to crack the code
as you sow you reap
remember me

remember me
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when you thought you'd never sink
look around and see the hole you're in
no one's there to help you lift the lid
just remember me

don't say you will
cause you know that you really won't
that you care, cause you should when you know you don't
what you sow you reap
remember me


and when you're scared
of just how sweet this life can be
and you're deafened by your inner peace
just say before you're beat
that you remember me



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