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Billy Idol


Billy Idol

Flesh For Fantasy (1999 Digital Remaster)

There's a change in pace
Of fantasy and good taste
Do you like good music?
Do you like to dance?
Oh yeah
Hangin' out for a body shop at night
Ain't it strange what we do to feel alright
Oh yeah
So when will you call
I am experienced
Oh yeah

Face to face
And back to back
You see and feel
My sex attack
Sing it,
Flesh for fantasy
We want
Flesh for fantasy

It's after midnight
Are you feeling alright
Oh yeah
Turn out the light, babe
Are you someone else tonight
Neighbor to neighbor, door to door
Don't ask questions
There's time for it all
oh yeah

Face to face
And back to back
You see and feel
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My sex attack
Sing it
Flesh for fantasy
We cry:
Flesh for fantasy

I sing for culture
Father loves his son
Mothers, daughters too
It's an old, old story
Cries the new world too

Flesh, flesh, flesh for fantasy
We want, flesh, flesh for fantasy
We want, flesh, flesh for fantasy
You cry, flesh, flesh for fantasy

Let's go down, let's go down
Let's go down, let's go down
Let's go down, let's go down

Do you like good music
Do you like to dance
It's nearly mornin'
You want to risk a chance
Neighbor to neighbor
Door to door

Enjoy the crime
You do your time
Never been nothin' before


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