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Pussy Poppin

head down pussy pussy poppin
head down pussy pussy poppin
head down pussy pussy poppin
head down pussy poppin on a handstand
on a handstand
on my american banstands
summersalts cartwheels bitch just keep on dancing
chinese splits-splits slide on down that pole-pole
and feel this dick getin outa control-trol
oh no keep goin till a nigga like me say stoooop
let it kiss the sky and then make it droooop
cut and twist if you don't like it you fuckin cris
im rubbin clit so stay in catch don't try to duck and miss
do your stretches don't pull no handsprings
you got me movin infact your doin the damn thang
stronger muscles exersize every body your body hurts
lets do this sweatin thank god your bath and body works
i like a woman who makes her own doe don't need a lot of help
but your heart'll melt if i put a thousand in your garder belt
lipgloss traces your pierced in 11 places
and your lips down town just made some familiar faces like woah!
[hook x2]
imma send a chapter to this pussy poppin legacy
shawna be that bitch cant no bitches don't fuck wit me
when i pop that cris im on that business and bubbly
when im in that 6 wit 20s spinin on luxury
cuz i got that head game
pullin up that bed frame
but don't get me wrong now shawty gon' let that leg hang
better learn that game shawty
better get yo' man shawty
foe he endup tamed and be gone all in the brain shawty
this here be futuristic
this business so explicit
the way i brake it down for you bitches it so exquisit
let it go now front back watch me drop it like that
show me where that money at
boy come wit the money stacks
now break in wit that pussy poppin
that pussy droppin to the floe
and got these nigga's slobbin
wit out that doe papi aint nuttin happen
cuz that's the show im from the go u get that pussy poppin
stopin that pussy dropin gone
[hook x2]
[lil fate]
every time we hit the club
wut we need is 50 deep
smokin purple coat and grichi got everybody keed
at the club 7 days a week party be be off in this bitch
more hight poppin dropin god damn shawty who is this
redbone wit a scorpio tatted on her tummy
im sittin slouched back in the chair stuntin waving money
and shawty start zig zaggin a dariair for me
a bowlegged darbreded said her name was strawberry
up her pussy shawty pushed in a whole bottle of moe
reached in my pocket grabbed a g and then threw it on the floe
here u deserve this doe now jump on stage and work the pole
face down ass up hoes hands on those
now pop that coochie you know the procedure
if you want this cash gotta make that ass shake like a seizure
either magic or pleasas
find me spending gs up
maxin out my visa
trickin on strip teasers
[hook x3]