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Hood Billionaire

Yeah, boss shit
Turn it up
Lyrical exercise
They be like 'Luda how come I don't see you out that much?'
Let me tell you somethin' nigga

I ain't even gotta come inside the club, nigga
Pull up in the Lamborghini Aventor door just to fuck wit' cha
I see your chick she see my candy drippin' and me ridin' chrome
Give a little bit of this game and next thing we ridin' home
I press a button my car drop
Press another button my car stop
Women give me that soft bottom
And I do away with that hard top
Gettin' good brain, whippin' wood grain
Swervin' all up and around your hood man
No bullshit, you wanna trade the heat?
Then I got the nine like Luol Deng
Shooters goin', nigga dunk that
Fifth of 'yac, I drunk that
Livin' legend all on the mic
And none of you niggas will ever become that
My car shakin', my trunk peak
Ain't even a need to compete
While you ride in the back of your boy ride
Your bitch all in my front seat, ahh!

What's in the past is history, what's in the future is a mystery
In other words don't love me for what I've done
Love me for what the fuck I'm 'bout to do, nigga
Yeah, 'Burnin' Bridges' December sixteenth
Exclusively on Google Play biatch
'Ludaversal' March thirty first
I ain't playin' with you niggas