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Change【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 42 首歌 】
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The Glow of Love 英文
1.A Lover's Holiday (Single Edit) - Single Edit
2.The Glow Of Love (Single Edit) - Single Edit
3.The Glow of Love (LP Version)
Sharing Your Love 英文
1.The Very Best In You (Full Length Album Mix)
2.Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
3.Oh What A Night
Greatest Hits & Essential Tracks 英文
1.The Glow of Love (long version)
2.Let's Go Together (Paul Hardcastle remix)
3.Mutual Attraction (Nick Martinelli version)
4.Searching (Parkside remix)
5.Paradise (UK single mix) (提供)
6.Paradise (提供)
Discollection (Only Original Disco Tracks) 英文
1.Paradise (Extended DJ Mix)
2.The Very Best in You (Long Version)
3.Change of Heart - Special Extended Mix
Album Collection 英文
1.A Lover's Holiday (single edit)
2.Let's Go Together (single edit)
3.You'll Always Be a Part of Me
4.The Very Best in You (single edit)
5.Paradise (single edit) (提供)
6.Angel in My Pocket (extended version)
7.The Glow of Love (single edit)
8.Searching (single edit)
9.Paradise (提供)
暫存 英文
1.The Glow Of Love
2.A Lover's Holiday
3.Paradise - Remastered Version
4.The Glow of Love (7' Version)
5.A Lovers Holiday - Remastered 12' Version
6.Change of Heart - Edit Single
7.Hold Tight (LP Version)
8.Change of Heart - Single Version
9.What the Hell Are You Waiting For
10.Hold Tight (Remix)
11.Change of Heart
12.Angel in My Pocket
13.Hold Tight
14.Glow of Love
15.A Lover's Holiday (Single Version)
16.Change of Heart (Full Length Album Mix) (Remastered)
17.You Are My Melody
18.Paradise - Remastered

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