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Eric Hansen【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 64 首歌 】
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My Medicine 英文
1.Wake Up
2.I Am Love (提供)
3.My Medicine (提供)
4.Change Is Hard (提供)
5.Hand Of God (提供)
6.I Am Singing My Song (提供)
7.Long Way Home (提供)
8.Our Thoughts Are Prayers (提供)
9.Good To See The Ocean (提供)
10.My Gift (提供)
11.Namaste (提供)
12.Thank You (提供)
A Lover's Lullaby 英文
1.The Holy Man
2.Telephone For Tulip (提供)
3.My Garden of Love (提供)
4.A Lover's Lullaby (提供)
5.This Too Shall Pass (提供)
6.Box Of Chihuahuas (提供)
7.Lay This Thing To Rest (提供)
8.I Am A Simple Fisherman (提供)
9.I'm Over You (提供)
10.Little Lamp (提供)
11.It's Over Now (提供)
Nobody Knows, Music For Kids of All Ages, Shapes & Sizes 英文
1.Nobody Knows (提供)
2.The Sky Is Crying (提供)
3.Awake 'n' Laugh (提供)
4.Charlie The Frog (提供)
5.I Am I (提供)
6.Circle of Smiles (提供)
7.It'll Be Good To Feel The Sun (提供)
8.Let It Rain (提供)
9.I Love My Guitar (提供)
10.Oh Navajo Girl (提供)
11.The Boo Boo Blues (提供)
12.Cast Your Stone (提供)
13.Leap Of Faith (提供)
14.True Friends (提供)
Hero In The Dark 英文
1.Hero In The Dark (提供)
2.Memphis Afternoon
3.Fold Into My Arms
4.You Are The Music
5.Simple Song (提供)
6.God's Garden
Real Slow 英文
1.Trouble (提供)
2.Suntan and a Cellular Phone
3.Real Slow (提供)
4.Hello Billie Ann
5.Take My Hand
6.I've Got You (提供)
7.We Lived In Paris (提供)
8.Gently (提供)
9.The Differences Between Us (提供)
10.Day After Tomorrow
11.We've Got To Let Go
Eric Hansen - Lucky 英文
1.Scrub A Dub (提供)
2.Someday (提供)
3.I Surrender
4.Big Bodied Woman
5.Without You
7.Two Crazy People (Lucky)
8.Dear Carl
9.In Grandpa's Eyes
暫存 英文
1.And I Love Her

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