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Mojo Blues Band【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 165 首歌 】
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The Wild Taste of Chicago 英文
1.Accordion Boogie (提供)
2.Dancin' With Y'all (feat. A.C.Reed) (提供)
3.Let Me Love You (feat. Willie Kent) (提供)
4.Lonely Man (feat. A.C.Reed) (提供)
5.Just Sitting Here (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
6.Rather Be Lonesome (提供)
7.Please, Mr. Jailer (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
8.Living in Paradise (feat. Big Mojo Elem) (提供)
9.The Reedmans's Boogie (feat. A.C.Reed) (提供)
10.Enough Love (feat. Big Mojo Elem) (提供)
11.This Little Voice (feat. A.C.Reed) (提供)
12.Curly Head Woman (提供)
13.Just a Poor Boy (feat. Big Mojo Elem & Taildragger) (提供)
14.The Wild Taste of Chicago (feat. A.C.Reed, Willie Kent, Taildragger & Big Mojo Elem) (提供)
15.Love My Baby (feat. Willie Kent) (提供)
16.Good Bye Chicago (feat. A.C.Reed, Willie Kent, Big Mojo Elem & Taildragger) (提供)
Midnight in Swampland (Live) 英文
1.Rosa Lee (Live) (提供)
2.Banana Peel Slide (Live) (提供)
3.Bring It On Home (Live) (提供)
4.Louisiana Boogie (Live) (提供)
5.Born in '58 (Live) (提供)
6.Shame, Shame, Shame (Live) (提供)
7.Midnight in Swampland (Live) (提供)
8.Soundborn Boogie (Live) (提供)
9.Hell On Earth (Live) (提供)
10.Harmonica Blow Up (Live) (提供)
11.Cajun Dreams (Live) (提供)
Blues Roll On! 英文
1.Chicago Is Callin' (提供)
2.Let It Rain (提供)
3.Masada (提供)
4.I'm Not That Easy (提供)
5.It's Half Past Midnight (feat. Jimmy Anderson) (提供)
6.Frankie and Johnny (feat. Jimmy Anderson) (提供)
7.Promised Land (feat. Johnny Allan) (提供)
8.I Feel Like Dancing (feat. Johnny Allan) (提供)
9.Nothing in This Wold (feat. Jimmy Anderson) (提供)
10.Inflation Blues (feat. Little Mac Simmons) (提供)
11.Highway 57 (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
12.Johnny Walker & Jack Daniel's (feat. Golden Big Wheeler) (提供)
13.Restless Man (feat. Golden Big Wheeler) (提供)
14.I Stay Mad (feat. A.C.Reed) (提供)
15.Georges' West Side Jive (feat. Little Mac Simmons, Steve Bell, Taildragger & Mojo Elem) (提供)
Alligator Walk 英文
1.Aligator Walk (提供)
2.Talkin' Woman Blues (提供)
3.Wintertime Is Coming (提供)
4.Lousiana Stroll (提供)
5.Lonesome House (提供)
6.My Tiny Thing (提供)
7.Strange Rumours (提供)
8.Burnt Child (提供)
9.Rollin' and Sqeezin' (feat. Axel Zwingenberger) (提供)
10.Black Silk (提供)
11.Found a New Home (提供)
12.Blues in the Night (提供)
13.Love You Too Much (提供)
14.My Old 'Serenader' (提供)
15.Down in the Alley (提供)
16.Sleepless (提供)
20 Years in the Blues Jungle 英文
1.Young Fashioned Ways (提供)
2.In the Blues Jungle (提供)
3.Hound Dog (提供)
4.Louisiana Train (提供)
5.Leaking Roof Boogie (提供)
6.Little Girl (提供)
7.Signals of Love (提供)
8.Bon Ton Roulet (提供)
9.Strollin' With Bone (提供)
10.Love Is a Foolish Thing (提供)
11.Lucky Boy Lion (提供)
12.Heed My Warning (提供)
13.That's the Way It's Gotta Be (提供)
14.We're Both to Blame (提供)
15.Marack (提供)
16.Babe (I Gotta Let You Go) (提供)
17.Neighbors Blues (提供)
18.I'm On My Way Back Home (提供)
19.Dive Bomber (提供)
Get Out Blues! 英文
1.Ain't It Good To know, Baby (提供)
2.You Done A Number On Me (提供)
3.I'm Down In the Dumps (提供)
4.Don't Talk About the Blues (提供)
5.I Don't Care (提供)
6.When I'm Drinking (提供)
7.Get Out Blues (提供)
8.Eager Beaver (提供)
9.Cold Hearted Woman (提供)
10.Danger Zone (提供)
11.The Mayor's Players (提供)
12.Snake of A Woman (提供)
13.Out In the Boondocks (提供)
14.Superstitious Blues (提供)
15.I'm Down In the Dumps (alt.take) (提供)
Thirty Year Blues Affair 英文
1.I Carry a Heavy Heart (提供)
2.You're Steppin' On My Tears (提供)
3.Jenny Lee (提供)
4.My Baby Got a Car Ass (提供)
5.Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (提供)
6.Hot Shots (提供)
7.Barefoot Rock (提供)
8.I Ain't Got It No More (提供)
9.When Love Is Comin' Around to Kill (提供)
10.You Better Do the Right Thing (提供)
11.Tiger's Boogie (提供)
12.You Faded Away Like the Morning Dew (提供)
13.Don't Mess With Young Girls (提供)
14.Tattle Tale (提供)
15.Bring Me Flowers (提供)
16.Money Talks (提供)
17.Since You're Gone
18.Afraid of Living (提供)
19.Chunk in Her Trunk (提供)
20.Ridin' On a Riverboat (提供)
21.Woman Enough for Me (提供)
22.Have You Ever (提供)
23.You Don't Love (提供)
24.Trim, Tan and Terrific (提供)
25.There Is Something On Your Mind (提供)
26.Rubber Rabbit (提供)
27.Jack the Wack (提供)
28.Solitude (提供)
29.Piggin' Out (提供)
30.Pickpocket Blues (提供)
Blues Parade 2000 英文
1.Goin Crazy Over TV (提供)
2.Wee Baby Blues
3.Where Did You Go Last Night (提供)
4.You Can't Win 'Em All (提供)
5.Anna Lee (提供)
6.They Must Have Seen Me Comin' (提供)
7.Come On Little Children (提供)
8.Arkansas (提供)
9.Rocket in My Pocket (提供)
10.Keep On Rockin' Me Baby (提供)
11.Call You On the Phone (提供)
12.Last Time Around (提供)
13.Big Muddy (提供)
14.Irene (提供)
15.Roll Over Beethoven #1 (提供)
16.Operator (提供)
17.Pull Down the Shades (提供)
18.No No (提供)
19.Roll Over Beethoven #2 (提供)
20.I'm Moovin' On (提供)
21.A.C.'s Big Fat Woman (提供)
22.I Wanna Boogie (提供)
23.I Wonder Why (提供)
24.Rock a While (提供)
25.Baby You Don't Have to Go (提供)
26.Mack's Cruise (提供)
27.Baby What You Want Me to Do (提供)
28.The Fisherman (提供)
29.Going Through the Park (提供)
30.All Shucks (提供)
31.Playgirl (提供)
32.I Got a Brand New Mojo (提供)
33.Coal Miner's Shift (提供)
A Chicago Blues Night (feat. Taildragger) 英文
1.You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had (提供)
2.If It Ain't Me (提供)
3.Take Off Boogie (提供)
4.Sunnyland Train (提供)
5.Tend To Your Business (feat. Taildragger & Siggi Fassl) (提供)
6.Long Distance Call (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
7.Just Sittin' Here (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
8.Cold Outdoors (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
9.Be Prepared (feat. Taildragger) (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean

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