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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Lisa Stansfield( 麗莎史坦菲爾德 )
Lisa Stansfield( 麗莎史坦菲爾德 )【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 297 首歌 】
【Lisa Stansfield簡介】
  來自英國曼徹斯特的LISA STANSFIELD,18歲時就以BLUE ZONE樂團主唱的身份展開職業演唱生涯。

  1989年,LISA STANSFIELD發行首張個人專輯『AFFECTION』,當中的單曲「ALL AROUND THE WORLD」不僅在英美兩地分別奪下流行與節奏藍調榜冠軍,更獲得全英音樂獎最佳新人獎並提名葛萊美獎。

  1991年LISA STANSFIELD乘勝追擊發行『REAL LOVE』專輯,拿下全英音樂獎最佳女歌手大獎。之後她陸續發行『SO NATURAL』以及『LISA STANSFIELD同名專輯』都獲得好評。

  2001年LISA STANSFIELD時隔四年再度發行『FACE UP』專輯,收錄包括「LET*S JUST CALL IT LOVE」、「I*VE GOT SOMETHING BETTER」等13首精緻歌曲,是節奏藍調、福音、流行與靈魂樂的完美融合。專輯中優雅性感的「LET*S JUST CALL IT LOVE」也是LISA個人偏愛、讓人驚艷的新作。

  身為公認的白人靈魂歌后,LISA STANSFIELD總是慢工出細活,企圖以最完美的歌曲陣容,來滿足樂迷們的耳朵。出道以來,她締造了超過一千三百萬的唱片銷售量,還獲得三座全英音樂獎與葛萊美獎的提名,她對音樂品質的堅持與敏銳的眼光由此獲得證明。

【Lisa Stansfield歷年發行過的專輯】
Affection (1989)
Real Love (1991)
In Session (1992)
So Natural (1993)
Lisa Stansfield (1997)
The Remix Album (1998)這一張是混音的EP
Swing: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1999) 電影原聲帶
Face Up (2001)
Biography (2003)
The Complete Collection (2003) 精選集
The Moment (2004)
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Live In Manchester 英文
1.Can't Dance
2.Someday (I'm Coming Back)
3.It's Got to Be Real
4.There Goes My Heart
Seven 英文
1.You Can't Deny It
2.Can't Dance
4.So Be It
5.Stupid Heart (提供)
6.The Crown
7.Picket Fence
8.The Rain
10.Carry On
11.Love Can (提供)
12.Set Your Loving Free (live in Manchester) (提供)
13.Time to Make You Mine (live in Manchester) (提供)
14.Someday (I'm Coming Back) [live in Manchester] (提供)
Biography:The Greatest Hits 英文
2.Someday(I'm Coming Back)
3.This Is The Right Time
4.The Real Thing
5.People Hold On
6.In All The Right Places
7.So Natural
8.Time To Make You Mine
9.Live Together
10.Little Bit Of Heaven
11.Set Your Loving Free
12.Let's Just Call It Love
13.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
14.These Are The Days Of Our Life
15.Down In The Depths
16.All Woman
17.All Around The World
18.The Line
20.Never Gonna Fall
Face Up 英文
1.I've Got Something Better
2.Let's Just Call It Love
3.You Can Do That
4.How Could You?
6.I'm Coming To Get You
8.Wish On Me
10.Don't Leave Now I'm In Love
11.Didn't I
12.Face Up
13.When The Last Sun Goes Down
Swing-Soundtrack 英文
1.Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
2.Ain't What You Do
3.Baby, I Need Your Lovin'
4.Blitzkrieg Baby
5.Gotta Get On This Train
6.I Thought That's What You Liked About Me (提供)
7.Love Theme (提供)
8.Mack The Knife
9.Martin's Theme (提供)
10.Our Love Is Here To Stay
11.The Best Is Yet To Come
12.Two Years Too Blue
13.Watch The Birdie
14.Why Do We Call It Love
Number One Remixes Ep 英文
1.I'm Leavin'
2.Never Gonna Fall
3.Never Never Gonna Give You Up
4.People Hold On
5.The Line
6.The Real Thing
Lisa Stansfield 英文
1.Never Gonna Fall
2.The Real Thing
3.I'm Leavin'
5.Never Never Gonna Give You Up
6.Don't Cry For Me
7.The Line
8.The Very Thought Of You
9.You Know How To Love Me
10.I Cried My Last Tear Last Night
12.Somewhere In Time
13.Got Me Missing You
15.The Real Thing(Touch Mix)
16.People Hold On(Bootleg Mix)
So Natural 英文
1.Be Mine
3.I Give You Everything
4.In All The Right Places
5.Little Bit Of Heaven
6.Marvellous And Mine
7.Never Set Me Free
8.She's Always There
9.So Natural
10.Sweet Memories
11.Too Much Love Makin'
12.Turn Me On
13.Wish It Could Always Be This Way
Real Love 英文
2.Time To Make You Mine
3.Symptoms Of Loneliness And Heartache
4.All Woman
5.Soul Deep
6.A Little More Love
7.Make Love To Ya
8.Set Your Loving Free
9.First Joy
10.Real Love
12.It's Got To Be Real
13.I Will Be Waiting
14.Whenever You're Gone(Remastered)
15.Everything Will Get Better(Remastered)
16.Change(Frankie Knuckles Remix)
Affection 英文
1.All Around The World
2.Mighty Love
3.This Is The Right Time
4.You Can't Deny It
5.What Did I Do To You
7.Live Together
9.The Love In Me
11.When Are You Coming Back
12.Wake Up Baby
13.The Way You Want It
The Boxset Collection 英文
2.Tenderly - Remastered
3.First Joy - Remastered
4.It's Got To Be Real - Remastered
5.Time To Make You Mine - Remastered
6.Make Love To Ya - Remastered
7.Soul Deep - Remastered
8.I Will Be Waiting - Remastered
9.Set Your Loving Free - Remastered
10.Real Love - Remastered
11.Change - Remastered
12.Live Together - Big Beat Massive Attack Mix
13.A Little More Love - Remastered
14.Somewhere In Time - Remastered
15.People Hold On - Full Length Disco Mix
16.My Apple Heart
17.All Woman - Remastered
18.Don't Cry For Me - Remastered
19.I Cried My Last Tear Last Night - Remastered
20.Goodbye - Remastered
21.Never Gonna Fall - Remastered
22.Suzanne - Remastered
23.Got Me Missing You - Remastered
24.The Real Thing - Remastered
25.So Natural - No Preservatives Mix - Remastered
26.Boyfriend - Remastered
27.All Around the World - Remastered
28.Let's Just Call It Love - Album Version - Remastered
29.Wish it Could Always Be This Way - Remastered
30.Be Mine - Remastered
31.Turn Me On - Remastered
32.Too Much Love Makin' - Remastered
33.She's Always There - Remastered
34.Sweet Memories - Remastered
35.Little Bit Of Heaven - Remastered
36.Marvellous & Mine - Remastered
37.I Give You Everything - Remastered
38.Never Set Me Free - Remastered
39.Big Thing - Remastered
40.This Is The Right Time - Remastered
41.Lay Me Down - Remastered
42.The Way You Want It - Remastered
43.Wake Up Baby - Remastered
44.Affection - Remastered
45.When Are You Coming Back? - Remastered
46.Poison - Remastered
47.You Can't Deny It - US Version - Remastered
48.Live Together - Remastered
49.What Did I Do To You? - 7' Version - Remastered
50.The Love In Me - Remastered
51.Mighty Love - Remastered
People Hold On… The Remix Anthology 英文
1.Set Your Loving Free (Dubmaster edit)
2.Live Together (Live It Up mix)
3.What Did I Do to You? (Morales mix)
4.The Real Thing (K-Klassic mix)
5.People Hold On (Full Length disco mix)
In Session 英文
1.Bitter Sweet
2.Spinning Top
3.Make Sure That the Feelin's Right
4.Red Lights
5.A Boy You Have Known
6.Don't Stop Me for the Mailman
7.More Than Love
8.Only Love (Can Break Your Heart)
9.Listen to Your Heart
10.The Thought Police
11.The Only Way
12.Take Care, Goodnight
暫存1 英文
1.You Know How to Love Me (Remastered)
2.Alibi's(Your Alibis)
3.Baby Come Back
4.Be The Sugar
5.Big Thing
6.Bitter Sweet
8.Don't Stop Me For The Mailman
9.He Touches Me
10.Dream Away
11.Everything Will Get Better
12.Feel It From Inside
13.Finest Thing
14.Friday's Child
15.Gonna Try It Anyway
16.Greedy Love
17.Her Seedy Life
18.Chance It
19.I Got A Feeling
20.I Want To Break Free
22.Just To Keep You Satisfied
23.Lay Me Down
24.Listen To Your Heart
25.Love Will Wait
26.Make It Right
27.Make Sure That The Feelin's Right
28.More Than Love
29.My Apple Heart
30.On Fire
31.One Kiss
32.Only Love(Can Breat Your Heart)
33.Perfect Crime
34.The Very Thought of You (Remastered)
35.Sing It
36.Love Without A Name
37.Something's Happenin'
38.Spinning Top
39.Sugar Tree
40.Take Care, Goodnight
41.Take Me Away
42.The Longer We Make Love
43.The Line (Remastered)
44.The Thought Police
45.There Was I
46.These Are The Days Of Our Lives
47.They Can't Take That Away From Me
48.Thinking About His Baby
49.Walking On Thin Ice
50.We Will Cry
51.Whenever You're Gone
52.Without A Word To Say
53.You Get Me
55.A Little Bit Of Heaven
56.If I Hadn't Got You
57.Symptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache
58.All Over Me
59.Don't Leave Me Now I'm In Love
60.Around The World
61.Lay Your Hands On Me
62.Can't Wait To
63.Say It To Me Now
64.Takes A Woman To Know
65.I've Got The World On A String
66.When Are You Coming Back?
67.Somewhere My Baby Waits For Me
68.The Line (The Black Science Orchestra Mix)
69.When Love Breaks Down
70.People Hold On (The Bootleg Mixes)
71.Marvellous & Mine
72.So Natural (No Preservatives Mix By Roger Sanchez)
73.Treat Me Like A Woman
74.All Women
76.The Moment
77.I'm Leavin' (Hex Hector Rmxs)
78.I've Got Something Better (We've Got the Bomb)
79.All Over Me (Remastered)
80.Let's Just Call It Love (Remastered)
81.You Can Do That (Remastered)
82.8-3-1 (Remastered)
83.Someday (Live in Manchester)
84.Set Your Loving Free (Mellow mix)
85.Symptoms of Loneliness & Heartache (Remastered)
86.Carry On (Ash Howes Radio Mix)
87.When Love Breaks Down (Alternate Version)
88.People Hold On (The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels mix)
89.Change (Edit)
90.Time to Make You Mine - Edit
91.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Edit)
92.You Keep Me Hangin' On
93.People Hold on '96 (remix)
94.Live Together / Young Hearts Run Free
95.Baby Come Back (Remastered)
96.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.Honest (Remastered)
2.Breathtaking (Remastered)
3.Time to Make You Mine (In My Dreams mix)
4.All Around the World (Around the House mix)

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