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Swear And Shake


Swear And Shake


Love, you make me lose my marbles
We were on the up and up
The front door painted red
We collected marbles in a jar under the bed
We played our forty-fives
My mom warmed up to you
We were young and shooting marbles
Well, soon enough the times go tough, and we weren't making sand
Each and every shiny pearl kept rolling out of hand
So the times were getting tough, but we were getting tougher
And if I have you, then who needs marbles?

You move me
Oh, you move me

I swear I'll bring home thirty more and be your better man
I'll clean up good and sell the show and hold onto my band
Well, I bought you the new suit, and I figured wool would last
You dirtied it while shooting marbles
I bought us a piano so our kids would grow up smart
And dig up all the songs we wrote back when we had the heart
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Oh, the ivory will chip
The strings will surely rust
Your kids will know the difference from the lyrics in the dust

You'll love me in ways nothing else me
You'll love me

Stay even when the last one goes
Will you stay around for when the marbles roll?
Stay, stay, stay, will you stay even when the last one goes?
Cause that's real love
Picking up your marbles rolled
I will stay, stay, stay
Lover I believe you, but you've got the upper hand
You push and pull and break my heart just because you can
Real love, even when the marbles roll

You'll love me