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Praise Hymn Tracks


Praise Hymn Tracks

Completely (High Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)

The secret of life is leting go
The secret of love is leting it shown
In all that I do In all that I say
cry in this moment
The power of prayer is an humble cry
The power of change is in giving my life
And laying it down down it your feet
Right in this moment
Take my heart take my soul
I surrender everything to your control
and let all that is with in me lift up to you
and say
I am yours and yours alone completely

This strugle of life


Praise Hymn Tracks
1.Completely (High w/o background vocals) - (Performance Track)
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7.Lead Me to the Cross (Demo) [Performance Track]
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9.Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) [Demo]
10.My Tribute (High Performance Track With Background Vocals)
11.Note to God (High With background Vocals) [Performance Track]
12.You Raise Me Up (Low Performance Track With Background Vocals)
13.When God Made You (Demo) [Performance Track]
14.I Can Only Imagine (Demo)
15.Completely Free (Demo) [Performance Track]
16.When I Look At You (Demo)
17.Temporary Home (High With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
18.Free to Be Me - Demo (Performance Track)
19.While I'm Waiting - Medium With Background Vocals (Performance Track)
20.Speaking Louder Than Before: Demo (Performance Track)
21.You Invite Me In (Demo) [Performance Track]
22.Angels from the Realms of Glory - Demo
23.Completely (High Key Performance Track With Background Vocals) (修改)
24.Jesus Messiah (Demo)
25.How Great Thou Art (High Performance Track Without Background Vocals)
26.Praise You In the Storm (Medium With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
27.Love Them Like Jesus (High Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
28.The Prayer (Demo) [Performance Track]
29.Jesus, Born On This Day (Demo) [Performance Track]
30.Glory (Demo) [Performance Track]
31.Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) [Low Without Background Vocals]{Performance Track}
32.Give Me Jesus (Demo) [Performance Track]
33.You Are Good - Low W/o Background Vocals (Performance Track)
34.Life Is Hard (God Is Good) [Demo]{Performance Track}
35.I Believe In You and Me (Demo) [Performance Track]
36.Revelation Song (Demo) [Performance Track]
37.10, 000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) [Demo]
38.Midnight Cry (Demo)
39.Bless the Broken Road (Low With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
40.Kids Easter Medley (Demo) [Performance Track]
41.How Great Thou Art (Demo)
42.For Freedom (Demo) [Performance Track]
43.Above All (Medium Performance Track With Background Vocals)
44.Another Time, Another Place (High w/background vocals) - [Performance Track]
45.He'll Do It Again (Demo) [Performance Track]
46.Footprints In The Sand - Demo
47.I'm Letting Go - High w/background vocals - [Performance Track]
48.Heal the Wound - Demo (Performance Track)
49.Run to You (Medium With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]