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Man & Ghost


Man & Ghost

Be Brave (I'm Not Alone)

Chapped lips,
Cheap steam,
I remember,
Hot car,
Bright sun,
Get me out.
Where I'm from.

I'm coming home,
Be back at ten,
I'm not afraid,
See you again,
If I break,
It's not from you,
Your power's done,
What you gonna do?

I'm not alone when you're tearing at the moment,
I'm not alone while you're spitting at the sun,
I'm not alone if you follow me where I go,
And I'm telling everyone,
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I'm not alone.

Hot lips -
Remember when,
I made your hair,
Stand up on end?
Hold hands,
Don't second guess.
But we both know,
There's nothing left.

The power's out,
From a summer storm,
It's on your lips,
Want to ask me some more.
Whole days,
Stare at the TV,
Cause I'm scared of you,
And you're scared of me.


I've been waiting for a big hole to bust in the ground.