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Ned Collette + Wirewalker


Ned Collette + Wirewalker

II Future Fantastico

Careful with that gun, it's old but it has friends
The windows are too steep and the hallway never ends
The pictures are of devils here, the curtains are too sharp
The bulbs refuse to function and it's dangerous in the dark
The neighbors guard positions, the advantage is all theirs
And do not even think of trying to navigate the stairs
The leaky roof will drown you if you ever get to sleep
The doors wont lock the stove wont light
The furniture is cheap

The fire escapes they beckon but don't trust them for a second
The street's a blind one anyway, with it you cannot reckon
You could fly from the roof and hope the tree will catch you true
But I've heard it's rotten anyway, it's branches have turned blue
There's rats up in the garret and there's snakes down underneath
Where once the kitchen knife sat just sits now an empty sheath
The ministry's forgotten you, the embassy's no good
They got problems of their own their couldn't help you if they would
Miniature ambitions that's the way to take this on
Try and find a lighter, put a warm coat on
Wrap yourself in blankets and try to ride it out
Nobody's certain anyway what this one's all about
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It's said it's cos they failed but maybe it was you
Maybe you forgot to look aside instead of true
Maybe you were arrogant and you tried to seek out fame
Or maybe it's the opposite and you didn't win the game
Refused to play it out of spite and now look you are locked inside
And everybody's angry no one calls you now it doesn't really matter
And you can't blame the blizzard, that situation's old
It's either fucking hot or it is freezing fucking cold
There's people man they got it right but they were all to few
And even were it everyone what is there we could do
You cannot feed the hungry just because they got it right
You cannot hide a massacre just because it's night

There's many now will tell you that progress is to blame
But without a little progress the whole thing would be a shame
So is this just a funeral then, a celebration then the end
Some vacuous new renderings of things we like if we pretend
If we paint it prettily it might seem less bezerk
Actually it's just a pity that gun doesn't work