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Super Simple Learning

Row Row Row Your Boat (M & R Sing-along)


Super Simple Learning
Super Simple ABCs Phonics Fun
1.Hello A, Hello Z(提供)
2.The Super Simple Alphabet Song(提供)
3.The Phonics Alphabet Song
4.The A Song(提供)
5.The B Song(提供)
6.The C Song(提供)
7.The D Song(提供)
8.The E Song(提供)
9.The F Song(提供)
10.The G Song(提供)
11.The H Song(提供)
12.The I Song(提供)
13.A-I Review Chant(提供)
14.A-I Review Song(提供)
15.The J Song(提供)
16.The K Song(提供)
17.The L Song(提供)
18.The M Song(提供)
19.The N Song(提供)
20.The O Song(提供)
21.The P Song(提供)
22.The Q Song(提供)
23.The R Song(提供)
24.J-R Review Chant(提供)
25.J-R Review Song(提供)
26.The S Song(提供)
27.The T Song(提供)
28.The U Song(提供)
29.The V Song(提供)
30.The W Song(提供)
31.The X Song(提供)
32.The Y Song(提供)
33.The Z Song(提供)
34.R-Z Review Chant(提供)
35.R-Z Review Song(提供)
36.Goodbye A, Goodbye Z(提供)
37.Hello A, Hello Z (Sing-along)(提供)
38.The Super Simple Alphabet Song/The Phonics Alphabet Song (Sing-along)(提供)
39.If You're Happy (A & N Sing-along)(提供)
40.Baa Baa Black Sheep (B & Q Sing-along)(提供)
41.Skip to My Lou (C & S Sing-along)(提供)
42.The Bear Went Over the Mountain (D & P Sing-along)(提供)
43.She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain (E & Z Sing-along)(提供)
44.London Bridge (F & U Sing-along)(提供)
45.Mary Had a Little Lamb (G & T Sing-along)(提供)
46.Frère Jacques (H & W Sing-along)(提供)
47.Oh, Susanna (I & V Sing-along)(提供)
48.Old McDonald (J & O Sing-along)(提供)
49.The Wheels on the Bus (K & X Sing-along)
50.The Hokey Pokey (L & Y Sing-along)(提供)
51.Row Row Row Your Boat (M & R Sing-along) (提供)
52.Review Chants(提供)
53.Review Songs(提供)