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The Kooks


The Kooks


See the same old cloud again
Wash my hands and shake my feet
And yes, I missed you all
Since I last saw you I fell down the rabbit hole

As I wonder what we'd be like
Wrapped up so uptight with you
Lust will do funny things
I don't want you to go out looking so good
And you look so good

Rosie, well, I feel your love
And I want you to breathe to be
Still take your time to get to me, Rosie

She looked away as I mentioned my name
The street lights light up my shame
The world will take you and swallowed you whole
You're a big girl and I think that you already know
You've been bought and sold
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Be careful with me
I see all that you see
Joy died in a day for little Rosie

Rosie, well, I feel your love
And I want you to breathe, to be
Still take your time [Incomprehensible]to me, Rosie

Gonna find you now I'll walk the beat
And you'll do me a pirouette in the street
And although we'll fall we'll find our feet, Rosie

Oh, and I won't take you so easily
Illusions pass and now I see
An image is so different to reality
Rosie, oh, Ro-Rosie