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Fatboy Slim

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat - Original Main Vocal Mix

Fatboy Slim &Riva Starr feat. Beardyman

So there was this Dj who was like kicking off
I don't know what he was doing
But it was sick man like, he was like
Hands in the air, like penis out, like fucking
So like this clown, started covering us in…silly string
And we were all like writing around on the floor
At least I thought we were
And then his cat walked in
You know, not like a cat
Like a feeling cat, Like a real, like you know
Like, You know what I'm saying dog
Like cats and dogs
It was raining. It wasn't raining.
We were raving. I ate her man
Not like eight. Like nine. Like ate her
She was fine, man. Like, you know
Like eating, sleeping
Rave, repeating
You know. There were people dancing
I think. Or maybe they were cops
I think they might have been cops
But anyway like
I was just dancing and dancing
Oh no they were cops
Shit. This fucking cop just looked at me
And I don't know whether he was really saying it
All he kept saying was…
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
Suddenly I think I'm on the phone
Suddenly I think I'm telling a story
But I'm not
I'm just dancing
I was just dancing
I'm just sleeping
I'm just raving
I'm just repeating
And on…
Felt this thud. It was a bassline
Boom. Fucking. Boom. Man
Sorry dude. I thought you where an object
So I went into this diner
And the guy was like fucking
You wanna buy something
I'm like: no. I'm just dancing to the hum of your fridge
He's like: Then get the fuck out of my restaurant
I'm like: I like it here. I like the lighting
Besides, I like your waitress
She looks pretty hot
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So I got her by the arm
And I drag her out into the street
And I gave her to a homeless guy
He gave me all his crack
And all he kept saying was…
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
So like John called me the next morning
Like. Dude. Like where were you last night
I was like. I was there
He was like
Oh yeah
And then… He was like
Fucking remember that they were playing
I'm like that tune
I don't remember fucking anything man
I mean I have vague recollections
And like a general feeling of happiness
And he was like no that fucking song man
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
I came out of the club
And there was dark
And there was night
And there was streetlamps
I was pretty like
I dunno
So I went into this diner
And I order some food
Suddenly it was tomorrow
And then tomorrow was today
And then I found this club
And I went into the club
And the club was banging
And the music was like really loud
And I was raving
And suddenly I was saving this girl
From this dude
And suddenly he was being rude
All she kept saying was…
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
All they kept saying was…
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
All I kept thinking was…
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat
She said
Yo…I'm an artist
And then she just started
To make this thing
Out of cocaine
And I swear to god
It said
Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat


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