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Coming To America

The royal penis is clean your highness thank you king shit
Yeah you motherfuckers welcome to the United States of America
Time to roll out the red carpet on y'all bitch asses
Hailing from the filthy dirty south where the Kings lay Ludacris
Disturbing the Peace family recognize royalty when you hear it
The throne has been taken so kiss this nigga's earrings
Luda throw some grapes on these peasants

These bitches, they throwing rose petals at my feet man
They want to spoil me treatin' me like royalty
What am I supposed to do it's such a sweet thang
Work that track whip 'em like Kunta that's why they

Stay down they loyal citizens of Zamoonda
By way of ATL if you disagree don't even look at me hoe
Don't pass go just go straight to jail with no probation or bail
But this ain't no monopoly it's jolly green giants

'Cuz we smokin' So much broccoli
Oh, oh spaghetti oohs Luda's odels to noodles, 20
And testing me is like puttin' up pit bulls to poodles
My rap career goes back farther than your father's hairline

It's Ludacris I pack more nuts than Delta airlines
I'm fly even when I get high I work cash
And even got my coach Bumped up to first class
I'm boss to all employees, I'm here to teach the principle
'Cause I've Been saved by more bells than Lark Voorhies

Man fuck that nigga Chris I'm tired of all this shit
Man I tried to rap for the nigga, I tried to give the nigga tracks
He ain't hearing my shit man for real, man my four year ole son
Can rap better than that nigga, man that nigga garbage
Man I got talent too the nigga ain't hearing me is this shit on?
Cris come on Cris, Cris for real fuck you nigga, fuck you

Fuck you too, what you wanna do
Scrawny nigga but I got an arsenal of automatics down to 22's
Know how to us em fight dirty as shit throw a grenade
And all in one bury your whole click

'Cuz ya see y'all got it all wrong like women in tuxedos
They comin' up shorter than five Danny De Vito's
I'm on a cool ranch getting laid more than fritos
And five strippers four wives and three amigos

I go scuba divin' in bays at Monte go
I find gold links and snatch them like I'm debo
But I'm the light skinned version of Mandingo
I've seen more beetles and jagged edges then wingo

I used to run numbers in line they call me bingo
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'Cuz I'm big you a little star you just twinkle
Ole asses like sharpies y'all are wrinkled
And I stay with more bullets than your billboard single

Oh, now that's just too much, you go to give him props
He is definitely off the rip you see what I'm sayin'
I be fuckin' with home all the time you see what I mean?
I used to just serve home orange now home come through
He want 50 of purple he want quarters of purple
Home a trip wit' it man I sold him a QP last week oh, da flavor

Yeah, can I get a little hit of that, a little nigga with a bigger sac
CP set a bigger trap gotta rap look at that gotta be rollin' all night
With a kick of that and a lot of people just don't know shady park
Ya, heard just don't go, quick to flip the bird up po, po

Makin' the way for that rodeo that rodeo show
I gotta hit 'em with the reload, I gotta put him with your peep hole
I gotta make a nigga stop drop role
Oh, no where the beat go, bring that shit back
Didn't want to hear that click clack

Tons on fun with guns fuck all the little chit chat get it back get that
Who knows who goes there mutherfuckers it's popa bear stop and stare
Pour out a little gasoline then drop a flare
I'm on fire and you know I can't stop till I retire

Oh, no we stay sole rolling en vogue tires right down the avenue
Passin' you rapidly, stackin' in the back of the Cadillac
Packing emergency action, camera light light throw in a punch
And then fight fight packin' a lunch and
Then bite, bite ATL stay tight, tight

I'm just trying to save you shawty
I'ma let you know it's real down here
When you ridin' down the 285 and go by cascade
Getting ready to go by that Campbelton Rd

Before you get to Camp Creek shorty just shake
'Cuz that's where them real niggaz at
I ain't lying when you in Decatur and you flossin' down Glen wood
Candler Road or Rainbow then shake
'Cuz that's where them real niggaz at

When you going that ole Nat L
And you pass that second waffle house
Fore you get to the Ritz nigga shake
'Cuz that's where them real niggaz at
Matter of fact just shake when you get to Georgia nigga


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