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Get To That Paper

Truth in this booth, ain't no doubt when I'm rappin'
If I say it, I've either done it, or it's 'bout to happen
Truth in this booth, ain't no doubt when I'm rappin'
If I say it, I've either done it, or it's 'bout to happen
(Get to that paper)

[Verse 1:]
I gotta feed my family by all means necessary
Cause pay checks are comin up shorter than Febuary
Can't get a real job, I never finished school
Can't get no new clothes I wore the same tennis shoes
But now the games changed, I'm all about the hustle
And even Hogan knows best I'm all about the muscule
I'm all about my team, I'm all about my green
I'm bout supply n demand, I'm bout to serve the feen

[Verse 2:]
I'm a monster in this game I turn twenty n a fifty
Fifty to a hun' n a hun' to a bently
A bently to a buildin n a buildin to a scraper
Can't keep up with the news but I get that daily paper
N you's a daily hater cause my foot game is major
Afterwhile crockadile see ya later alligata
My baby need new shoes her mamma need giseppie's
Mercedes need new shoes surrounded with perreli's
My finger to the world pay my due's n I'm ready
To back up off the tools n just cruise in the chevy
Million dolla deals makin moves on my selli
Cause I owe to my girl to put food in her belly

[Verse 3:]
Atlanta put your zone up we truth to these streets
I got twelve hungry artists whole crew gotta eat
So hell no I don't sleep I'm like a energizer battery
Got nineteen employee's I gotta pay there salery's
My momma quit her job n I retird my pop's
Got killers on the payroll I hired some cops
I respect responsibility, they all pay rent
So if it don't make dolla's then it don't make sence.


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