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Get Lit

When the liquor get up in me
When the liquor get up in me
When the liquor get up in me
When the liquor get up in me

[Pre-Hook 1]
I'm a motherfuckin' beast (When the liquor get up in me)
Tell these niggas clear the streets (When the liquor get up in me)
I'll be all up in my zone (When the liquor get up in me)
I ain't never going home (When the liquor get up in me)

Get lit (get lit)
Get lit (get lit)
Get lit (get lit)
Get lit (get lit)
Get lit (get lit)
Get lit (get lit)

[Verse 1]
Ima drink until i'm drunk (drunk), smoke until i'm high (high)
Hustle till i ball (ball), get money till i die (die)
These haters want my paper and the snakes is out to get me
So when i leave this bitch i'm taking everything with me
With my wrist glowing and my fist throwing
And my Lamborghini Aventador sneak it on the block
Been going and i been flowing i gotta say that Ludacris, a nigga never gonna stop
Hanging with women that's loving them drugs
Neighborhood call me the plug of the plug
Poppin' a pill and then jump in the tub
We buy out the bar, we buy out the club
Got a black, AMX, I left home, no Visa
Talk money, and my money, talk back, like Caesar
Mix soda, with the syrup, we be leaning like the Tower of Pisa
And if y'all don't fuck with us, then we don't fuck with y'all either

[Pre-Hook 1]+ [Hook]

I'm talking 1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots, 4
How many shots to hit the motherfucking floor
You sipping man, quit tripping man, stop acting like a ho
Waitress said another round? I said you already know

[Verse 2]
You see I started from nothing and made it up outta the hood
Dollar and a dream and I made what I could
Fifty to a hundred, then a hundred to a grand
Then a grand to a milli, nigga really what's good
Its wood in the whip the wood like a wood shop
Neighbor's all think that I cook rocks
No peace in the streets
Really got me thinking ain't no such thing as a good cop
My neck froze and my ice steel
Flows, rappers just bite still
Platinum plaques, three Grammy's
I'd said I Made It like Mike Will
With coupes all on that freeway
Pockets on Gabby Sidibe
Got cake and women blowing like everyday is my b-day

[Pre-Hook 2]
We be getting mighty bold (When the liquor get up in her)
She be sliding down that pole (When the liquor get up in her)
She be shaking it for daddy (When the liquor get up in her)
Getting freaky in the Caddy (When the liquor get up in her)


[Verse 3]
She dragging a mink coat got PETA pissed its a pity
A titans like Tennessee but she chiefing like Kansas City
She love it when she get tipsy and strip to the core essentials
With her legs sprawled out like the Air Jordan's symbols
She be twenty thousand feet in my apartment in the sky
Y'all hoes just drink and drive, my woman just drink and fly
She a lady in the street ain't nothing fake about her booty
She call me for special ops, I told her that's my Call of Duty

[Pre-Hook 2]+ [Hook]


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