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Everybody Drunk As Fuck

Ludacris And Shawnna
Ok, Ok, Ok now everybody with me drunk as fuck
Break it down and roll it up
Everybody got they killaz with 'em
Rep yo side and throw it up

Po' it up and it's goin' down
Light another blunt and it's goin' round
Puff puff pass you can toast yo glass
Later we'll screw and slow it up

If you make it fast, I can make it last
And I'm a nigga that's makin' cash
8 figures in the bank and I pull yo rank
What you thank with ya hatin' ass

Hehehehehe, you think you fly, I know you not
Hehehehehe, you tote yo knife, I tote my glock

Big body cadillac, women in the backseat,
Speakers steady pumpin' as I pass these losers
Yo car too small Why? cause I can't fit my women in a PT Cruiser

Get ya cake up, get ya weight up way up to the top 'til u can't go further
These snitches is after my riches and yes I smell bloody murder

When I cock back with a drop dat can't block dat lock dat fools betta stop dat
Otherwise you can pop back
But after dumpin a round you'll be wonderin' where the cops at

Where the cops at? cause I'm drunk as fuck
Tell 'em I'm far from sober
Cause if the po po happen to pull me over
I'm a just tell 'em...

[Chorus x4]

Swisha after swisha, I blow dat official
This one fo' my niggas and everybody witcha
Pop another bottle, I'm a rep chicago
With dem 22s on dat black on black gallardo, in da front door

Gotta bottle of goose you know I'm finna get loose
Get it buck, buck holla wassup
To all my niggas in back and all my bitches in front put ya cups up

Put ya drank in, put ya smoke in
Put ya pop in, get ya roll in
Do the OC, got me open
Big diamonds, you jokin'

And I don't know what I'm gone do
But I'm gone so I'm thinkin' 'bout rollin' up
One to the head like a real thoroughbread
Know what I'm sayin' let me hit it
Roll it, roll it up

And I smoke it up
Don't give a damn if I choke it up
I broke it up and I toke it up
Eyes hella red and my throat lit up

I don't give up and I don't give in
You don't get high nigga don't get in
But won't yo friend cause he want my friend
And I been on fire since I don't know when, I don't know when

Now errbody with me pourin' up
Errbody with me hold it up
Errbody with me know, if I say so,
It's gone be throwin' up

[Chorus x2]


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