Plenty Money Freestyle 歌詞 Ludacris ※
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Plenty Money Freestyle

If you n-ggas want beef than it's beef you'll get
Been waiting for you on the charts but I ain't seen you yet
All that yapping that you doing been putting chicks into birds
You be rapping like you should swallow a couple d-cks with your words
I be rapping like '99 and I ain't skipping a beat
I keep 2 glock 9's that make you skip in the street
And all my fans is like 'damn when will the haters stop'
Since I was 9 been eating rappers like tator tots
I've been sick and even if I take my medicine
I'm probably chillin' in some place that you ain't never been
I keeps it hot, I'm on point like a cactus
The album drops in March it's on Spring like a mattress
You f-ck with me, but I'm f-cking with you
I'll stop playing with these n-ggas and show em what I can do
I can do the right thing and I ain't talkin' bout Boosie
Rappin behind bars and I ain't talkin' bout boozy
I can give it to you raw and I ain't talkin' bout sushi
That n-gga Chris Rocks and I ain't talkin bout pookie[? ]
They all on my d-ck and I ain't talkin' bout groupies
So I'm in them Star Wars and I ain't talkin' bout Wookie
So now they wanna judge and I ain't talkin' bout Judy
That's why they stuck up and I ain't talkin' bout coochie
I got a hangover and I ain't talkin bout the movie
So I'm on that Criptonite but I ain't talkin bout Tookie
The best that ever did it yeah I do it the best
I'm like David Carradine, yeah I do it to death
I kill Bills like Uma, blow a stack in a day
Made 80 thousand last week but what's happening today, ay
If you don't like it you could suck on a penis or I
Pull a gun out on you like I'm Gilbert arena's or
Wrap you in plastic like you straight from the cleaners
I'm like later turd nuggets because I am a genius
Ha, keep it going I ain't finished
Sample Luda's voice and I want my damn percentage
These n-ggas acting like they ain't gotta pay nobody
I am the controller and I ain't gotta play nobody,
Get it, yeah!


1.DTP For Life
3.Ho (Skit)
4.Southern Hospitality (Featuring Pharrell)
5.HOe Skit
6.We Got-Feat Chingy/I-20/Tity Boi
7.Stand Up - Featuring Shawnna
8.What's Your Fantasy (feat. Shawna)
9.I Need A Boss
10.How Low (Remix) [feat. Ciara & Chris Brown]
11.Plenty Money Freestyle (修改)
12.I Wanna Rock Freestyle
13.Furiously Dangerous
14.Big Ass House
15.Mindfreak [feat. Chris Angel]
16.He Said, She Said [feat. Shawnna]
17.That's My Shit
18.Howhere (Skit)
19.Come On Over (Skit)
20.Greatest Hits (Skit)
21.Tickets Sold Out (skit)
22.Stop Lying (Skit)
23.Stay Together
24.Down In Tha Dirty
25.Put Your Money (Feat.DMX)
26.Child Of The Night feat.Nate Dogg
27.Ludacris - Number One Spot
28.Hopeless Ft Trick Daddy
29.Ludacris - Hopeless(Ft. Trick Daddy)
30.Ludacris - Intro
31.Ludacris - Pass Out
32.Ludacris - Virgo(Ft. NaS & Doug E. Fresh)
33.Spur Of The Moment (Featuring DJ Quik)
34.Ludacris - Pimpin' All Over The World(Ft.
35.Ludacris - The Potion
36.Ludacris - Get Back
37.Who Not Me (Featuring Small World & Dolla Boy)
38.Ludacris - Two Miles An Hour
39.Ludacris - Large Amounts
40.Pimping All Over The World
41.Sex Faces
42.Down In The Dirty
43.I'm On Fire
44.What's Your Fantasy (Remix)
45.Let's Stay Together
46.Do The Right Thing
47.Everybody Hates Cris
48.I Do It For Hip-Hop
49.Last Of A Dying Breed
50.Nasty Girl
51.Southern Gangsters
52.Do The Right Thang
53.Southern Gangsta
55.Press The Start Button
56.Splash Waterfalls
57.Block Lockdown
58.Rock And A Hard Place
59.U Got a Problem?
61.Call Up The Homies
62.Wish You Would
63.One More Drink
65.Eat You Alive
66.What Them Girls Like
67.Hoes In My Room Featuring Snoop Dogg
68.Everybody Drunk As Fuck
69.How Low Can You Go
70.Grew Up A Screw Up
71.Gold Digger
72.End Of The Night
73.Ultimate Satisfaction
74.Tell It Like It Is
75.Area Codes (Dirty)
77.Intro (from 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To the First Tim, 2011)
78.History Lesson (Interlude)
79.I'm On Fire (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
80.How Low - Album Version (Edited)
81.Blow (feat. Juicy J & Future)
82.Tomorrow Night
84.Call Ya Bluff
85.Shera Di Kaum
86.Beast Mode
87.Charge It To The Rap Game
88.Ludaversal Intro
89.Grass Is Always Greener
90.Lyrical Healing
91.Viagra Skit
92.Get Lit
93.This Has Been My World
94.If I Ain't Fucked Up
95.Helluva Night
96.How Low (clipping. remix)
97.Rich and Flexin
98.Rest Of My Live
99.Area Codes (feat. Nate Dogg)