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If I Only Had My Mind on Something Else

作詞:Barry Gibb, Maurice Ernest Gibb

I could be king of kings, wear a crown and all the things
I'd want I'd never need
I'd be an ace in an aeroplane and every year, I'd fly to Spain
If I could get the nerve to plant the seed

Oh, help me how to say goodbye
I see her face in myself
Why, tell me why I made her cry
If only had my mind on something else

Captain of the submarine beneath the icebergs never seen
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A hero with a medal for everyday
I find me fame, reach the top
I keep on pushing never stop
If I could just forget her name

Oh, help me how to say goodbye
I see her face in myself
Why, tell me why I made her cry
If only had my mind on something else
If only had my mind on something else


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