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Charlie Winston【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 58 首歌 】
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Curio City 英文
3.Say Something
4.Fear & Love
5.Too Long
6.A Light (Night)
7.Another Trigger
9.Just Sayin'
10.A Light (Day) (提供)
11.1Evening Comes (提供)
13.Too Long (Radio Edit) (提供)
14.Lately (Tobtok Remix)
15.Lately (The Avener Rework) (提供)
Running Still 英文
1.Hello Alone
2.Lift Me Gently
3.Making Yourself So Lonely
4.Rockin' In The Suburbs
5.She Went Quietly
6.Sommertime Here All Year
7.Speak To Me
8.The Great Conversation
9.Unlike Me
10.Until You're Satisfied
11.Where Can I Buy Happiness?
12.Wild Ones
iTunes Festival: London 2009 英文
1.In Your Hands (Live)
2.I Love Your Smile (Live) (提供)
3.Tongue Tied (Live)
4.I'm a Man (Live)
5.Kick the Bucket (Live)
Live At Casino de Paris (Live) 英文
1.Where Can I Buy Happiness? (Live)
2.Hello Alone (Live)
3.Wild Ones (Live)
4.Making Yourself So Lonely (Live)
5.Summertime Here All Year (Live)
6.She Went Quietly (Live)
Hobo 英文
1.In Your Hands
2.Like A Hobo
3.Kick The Bucket
4.I Love Your Smile
5.My Life As A Duck
7.Calling Me
8.Tongue Tied
9.Soundtrack To Falling In Love
10.Generation Spent
11.Every Step
12.My Name
暫存 英文
1.I Love Your Smile (Edit Version)
2.In Your Hands (Jeremy Wheatley Radio Version)
3.Truth (Embody Remix)
4.Lately (The Avener Remix)
5.This Wheel's on Fire
6.Secret Girl
7.I'm Not the Only One
8.Back Home

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