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Freddie Hart( 弗雷迪·哈特 )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 65 首歌 】
弗雷德里克·塞格雷斯特(Frederick Segrest,1926年12月21日出生),專業地稱為弗雷迪哈特,是一位美國鄉村音樂家和歌曲作者,因其鄉村音樂協會歌曲“鄉村音樂協會之歌”而聞名遐邇。 1971年和1972年的年度獎。

哈特繪製了1953-1987年的單曲,後來成為福音歌手。 他繼續在音樂節和其他場地表演。
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Heavenly Wonderful Heavenly Beautiful 英文
1.Help Me Be Worthy (提供)
2.Last Word in His Name Is 'Us' (提供)
3.Christmas Is for Jesus (提供)
4.This Old Church (提供)
5.See You There (提供)
6.God Is Easy Lovin,
7.Heavenly Wonderful Heavenly Beautiful (提供)
8.God Is Good To Me (提供)
9.It Was You Lord (提供)
10.You May Be the Only Bible (提供)
11.Second Coning of the Lord (提供)
Togetherness 英文
1.Moon Girl
Got The All Overs For You 英文
1.Here I Am
Bless Your Heart 英文
A Hurtin' Man 英文
暫存 英文
1.Easy Loving
2.First Time (1975)
3.Got The All Overs For You (1972)
4.If You Can't Feel It, It Ain't There (1973)
5.Want-To's (1974)
6.Trip To Heaven (1973)
7.My Hang Up Is You (1972)
8.My Hang Up Is You
9.Heaven Only Knows
10.Chain Gang
11.The Wall
12.Love Took Command
13.Everytime He Touches You
15.Key's In The Mailbox
16.Loose Talk
17.You Belong To Me
18.He's Got To Catch Me First
19.What A Laugh
20.Twin Of An Angel
21.Why Lovers Turn To Strangers
22.Livin' On Lovin'
23.Whole World Holding Hands
24.Jesus Is My Kind Of People
25.I'm No Angel
26.Love Did This To Me
27.What Took You So Long
28.Greatest Gift Of All
29.My Woman's Man
30.I'm In Love
31.Just Outside The Church
33.I'm Not Going Hungry
35.Loving Her Through You
36.It's Only Paper
37.You Plus Him Minus Me
38.Trip To Heaven
39.One More Mountain To Climb
40.Got The All Overs For You (All Over Me)
41.Skid Row Street
42.If You Can't Feel It (It Ain't There)
43.Prescription For Happiness
44.If Fingerprints Showed Up On Skin
45.Love Makes The Difference
47.That's Not Like Me
48.Snatch It and Grab It (Remastered)
49.You've Got It Coming to You
50.The Whole World's Holding Hands

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