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Faster Pussycat【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 61 首歌 】
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Power & The Glory Hole 英文
1.Number 1 With A Bullet
2.Gotta Love It (提供)
3.Useless (提供)
4.Sex Drugs & Rock-n-roll
5.Disintegrate (提供)
6.These Boots Were Made For Walking
7.Hey You (提供)
8.Porn Star
9.Power & The Glory Hole
10.Shut Up & Fuck (提供)
11.Bye Bye Bianca (提供)
Whipped 英文
1.The Body Thief
2.Jack The Bastard
3.Big Dictionary
4.Madam Ruby's Love Boutique
5.Only Way Out
6.Maid In Wonderland
8.Cat Bash
9.Loose Booty
10.Mr. Loverdog
11.Out With A Bang
Wake Me When It's Over 英文
1.Ain't No Way Around It
2.Arizona Indian Doll
3.Cryin' Shame
4.Gonna Walk
5.House Of Pain
6.Little Dove
7.Poison Ivy
8.Pulling Weeds
9.Slip Of The Tongue
11.Where There's A Whip There's A Way
Faster Pussycat 英文
1.No Room For Emotion
4.Smash Alley
5.Shooting You Down
6.City Has No Heart
7.Ship Rolls In
8.Bottle In Front Of Me
9.Don't Change That Song
10.Bathroom Wall
Hits & Covers 英文
1.Bathroom Wall (Re-Recorded)
2.House of Pain (remix)
3.Monster Mash
Front Row for the Donkey Show (Live) 英文
1.The Power and the Glory Hole (Live)
2.Cathouse (Live)
3.Number 1 With a Bullet (Live)
4.Sex Drugs & Rock-n-Roll (Live)
5.Where There's a Whip There's a Way (Live)
6.House of Pain (Live)
7.Porn Star (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Nonstop To Nowhere
2.Silent Night
3.Bathroom Wall - 2007 Remastered Version
4.Bathroom Wall (Remastered)
5.Wonderwall (Made Famous By Oasis)
6.I Was Made for Loving You
7.You're So Vain
8.Please Dear

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