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Fancy( 幻想 )【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 78 首歌 】
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
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South Side 英文
1.South Side (feat. Chill tha Gr8) (提供)
2.Q45 (feat. Rob Se7en) (提供)
3.Hey (提供)
4.Do It (feat. Envy) (提供)
5.Feel Good (提供)
6.First Ave
7.She's Her Own (Interlude)
8.Blue Dreams
9.Bout That Life
10.Thank You (提供)
Shock & Show 英文
1.A Voice In The Dark (Bringing The Light Mix)
2.In Shock (Shock & Show Mix) (提供)
3.Seven Sins (The Last Sin Mix) (提供)
4.Blue Eyed Lady (Twilight Mix) (提供)
5.Follow Me (Have A Celebration Mix) (提供)
6.Spy In The Night (Good Evening Mix) (提供)
7.Sail Away (Standing Alone Mix) (提供)
8.Go Cha Cha (We Came To Dance Mix) (提供)
9.Moscow Is Calling (On The Line Mix) (提供)
10.After Midnight (Behind The Night Mix) (提供)
The Original Maxi-Singles Collection 英文
1.Slice Me Nice (12' Version)
2.Chinese Eyes (12' Version)
3.Bolero (Hold Me in Your Arms Again) (12)
4.Bodyguard (12' Version)
Get Your Kicks 英文
1.Chinese Eyes
Flames Of Love 英文
1.Flames Of Love
25th Anniversary Box 英文
1.Lady of Ice (12' version)
2.No Tears
3.Running Man (extended version)
4.When Guardian Angels Cry (extended version)
5.China Blue (extended version)
6.Slice Me Nice
7.Flames of Love
8.Lady of Ice
暫存 英文
1.A Voice In The Dark
2.All My Loving
3.All We Need Is To Believe
4.Angel Eyes
5.Bride In Black
6.C'est La Vie
7.Don't Fight With The Moon
8.In The Rain Again
9.Island Of Dreams
10.It's Only Loneliness
11.Like You
12.Lost In Love
13.Love Never Dies
14.Luxury Life
15.My Emotional Way
16.Pure Love
17.Running Man
18.Sail Away
19.Second Hand Paradise
20.Seven Sins
21.Stand Up For Love
22.Sainte-Marie De La Mer
23.Ways Of Love
24.When Guardian Angels Cry
26.Touch Me
27.Wild Thing
28.Guys & Girls
29.A Voice In the Dark (Version 2008)
30.Wait By the Radio
31.Angel Eyes (extended version)
32.Slice Me Nice - Slice Remix
33.Bolero (Hold Me in Your Arms Again) (12' version)
34.Sayin' Goodbye
35.Fools Cry (extended version)
37.Flames of Love (Re-Recording)
38.Bolero (Hold Me in Your Arms Again) (original 12' mix)
39.Flames of Love '98 (Vox radio mix)
40.Fools Cry (remix)
41.Slice Me Nice '98 (Radio / Video Version)
42.Lady of Ice (Maxi Version)
43.Flames of Love / Love Flames
44.Latin Fire

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