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Ilse Delange【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 146 首歌 】
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After The Hurricane Greatest Hits And More 英文
1.I'm Not So Tough
2.We're Alright
3.Next To Me
5.Blue Bittersweet
6.Turn Around
7.When It's You
8.I'll Know
Eye of the Hurricane 英文
2.Dance On the Heartbreak
3.Learning to Swim
4.Space Cowboy
6.Time Will Have to Wait
7.I Need for You
8.Fold This World
9.We Are Diamonds
10.Just Kids
11.We Are One
12.Winter of Love
Incredible 英文
2.Puzzle Me
3.Broken Girl
4.Something Amazing
5.Stay With Me
6.So Incredible
7.We're Alright
9.Love Won't Hide
10.Nothing Left to Break
11.The Other Side
13.Miracle (Bride Flight Title Song) (提供)
The Great Escape 英文
1.Carry Hope
2.Don't You Let Go Of Me
3.Far Away
4.Miss Politician
5.Reach For The Light
6.The Great Escape
7.The Lonely One
8.Was It Love
11.The Valley
12.I Always Will
13.I Love You
World Of Hurt 英文
1.Old Tears
2.Lonely Too
3.Flying Blind
4.Just Like The Moon
5.What Does Your Heart Say
6.I'd Be Yours
7.World Of Hurt
8.All The Woman You'll Ever
9.If You Had The Heart
10.Flying Solo
11.I'm Not So Tough
12.When We Don't Talk
13.Tap Dancing On The Highwire
14.You Are The Dream
Live in Amsterdam 英文
1.Don't You Let Go Of Me - Live @ HMH
2.I'm Not So Tough - Live @ HMH
3.The Great Escape - Live @ HMH
4.I Will Always Love You - Live @ HMH
5.Ride The Wind To Me - Live @ HMH
6.I'd Be Yours - Live @ HMH
7.Sister Golden Hair - Live @ HMH
8.Flying Blind - Live @ HMH
9.I Love You - Live @ HMH
10.Livin' On Love - Live @ HMH
11.World Of Hurt - Live @ HMH
12.The Lonely One - Live @ HMH
13.Reach For The Light - Live @ HMH
14.Have A Little Faith In Me - Live @ HMH
Live in Ahoy 英文
1.Broken Girl - Live in Ahoy 2009
2.Livin' On Love (Live)
3.When We Don't Talk (Live)
4.Flying Blind (Live)
5.I'd Be Yours (Live)
6.Stuck In the Middle (Live)
7.Love Won't Hide (Live)
8.Pirate of Your Soul (Live)
9.Puzzle Me (Live)
10.The Great Escape (Live)
11.I'm Not So Tough (Live)
12.So Incredible
13.Have a Little Faith in Me
14.World of Hurt (Live)
15.We're Alright (Live)
16.When We Don't Talk - Live in Ahoy 2009
17.Flying Blind - Live in Ahoy 2009
18.I'd Be Yours - Live in Ahoy 2009
19.So Incredible - Live in Ahoy 2009
20.The Great Escape
Ilse DeLange 英文
1.Don't You Let Go of Me (Live In Amsterdam)
2.Snow Tonight (Live At Home)
3.Better Than Rain (Live At Home)
4.Man In the Moon (Live At Home)
5.Have a Little Faith In Me (Live In Amsterdam)
6.I'm Not So Tough (Live At HMH)
7.The Great Escape (Live In Amsterdam)
8.I Will Always Love You (Live In Amsterdam)
9.Ride the Wind to Me (Live In Amsterdam)
10.I'd Be Yours (Live In Amsterdam)
11.Sister Golden Hair (Live In Amsterdam)
12.Flying Blind (Live In Amsterdam)
13.Tapdancing On the Highwire (Live In Amsterdam)
14.I Love You (Live In Amsterdam)
15.Livin' On Love (Live At HMH)
16.World of Hurt (Live At HMH)
17.The Lonely One (Live In Amsterdam)
18.Reach for the Light (Live In Amsterdam)
19.Without You (Live At Home)
暫存 英文
1.New Beginning
2.All Alone
3.Clean Up
4.Machine People
5.No Reason To Be Shy
6.Nobody Really Knows
8.And I Always Will
10.Ride The Wind
11.I Still Cry
12.Breathe In, Breathe Out
13.Peaceful In Mine
14.When You Put It Like That
15.Livin' On Love
16.Beyond Gravity
17.Everywhere I Go
18.Always Overcome
19.Naked Heart
20.Have A Little Faith In Me - Live in Ahoy 2009
21.I Will Always Love You (live)
22.The Great Escape (Armin van Buuren remix)
23.So Incredible (Demo Versie)
24.They Say (Demo Version)
25.We're Alright (Demo Version)
26.Miracle (Demo Version)
27.Puzzle Me (Demo Version)
29.Pieceful In Mine
30.Good Thing
31.Beautiful Distraction
33.Here I Am

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