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Janis Ian( 珍妮斯·艾恩 )【 共收藏 25 張專輯, 268 首歌 】
珍妮斯·艾恩(英語:Janis Ian,1951年4月7日-)是一位獲得葛萊美獎的美國創作歌手, 能奏多樣樂器的音樂人, 專欄作家及科幻小說作家。1960年至1970年,她的音樂事業非常成功,直至二十一世紀仍有出版唱片。

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Restless Eyes 英文
1.Bigger Than Real
2.Dear Billy
3.Down And Away
4.Get Ready To Roll
5.I Believe I'm Myself Again
6.I Remember Yesterday
7.Passion Play
8.Restless Eyes
9.Sugar Mountain
10.Under The Covers
breaking the silence 英文
1.All roads to the river
breaking silence 英文
1.Walking on sacred ground
2.His Hands
3.What About The Love
4.Guess you had to be there
5.Ride me like a wave
Working Without a Net (Live) 英文
1.Take Me Walking In the Rain (Live)
2.This Train Still Runs
4.Paris In Your Eyes
5.Ride Me Like a Wave
6.Days Like These
7.Take No Prisoners
9.Cosmopolitan Girl
11.Breaking Silence
12.Love Is Blind
13.Will You Dance?
14.This Train Still Runs (Live)
15.Take No Prisoners (Live)
16.Boots Like Emmy Lou's (Live)
17.Days Like These (Live)
18.Stars (Live)
19.Honor Them All (Live)
20.At Seventeen (Live)
21.Watercolors (Live)
22.Breaking Silence (Live)
23.Berlin (Live)
24.In the Winter (Live)
25.Society's Child
The Bottom Line Archive Series (Live 1980) 英文
1.From Me to You (Live)
2.Night Rains (Live)
3.I Would Like to Dance (Live)
4.The Other Side of the Sun (Live)
5.Memories (Live)
6.At Seventeen (Alt. Take Live 91) (Live)
7.Stars (Live)
8.Jesse (Live)
Stars 英文
1.Dance With Me
3.Sweet Sympathy
Society's Child: The Verve Recordings 英文
1.Baby's Blue
2.Month of May
3.Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) - Single Version
4.Insanity Comes Quietly to the Structured Mind
5.Sunflakes Fall, Snowrays Call
6.Lonely One
7.Queen Merka & Me
8.New Christ Cardiac Hero
9.Then Tangles of My Mind
10.Hair of Spun Gold
11.Too Old to Go 'way Little Girl
12.Society's Child
Revenge 英文
1.No One Else Like You
2.Take Me Walking In the Rain
4.Take No Prisoners
5.When Angels Cry
Remember: Live in Japan & Australia 英文
1.When the Party's Over - Live
2.Hymn (Live)
3.Bright Lights and Promises - Live
4.Take to the Sky - Live
5.Slow Dance Romance - Live
6.Boy, I Really Tied One On - Live
7.Let Me Be Lonely - Live
8.Maria - Live
9.Miracle Row - Live
10.I Want to Make You Love Me - Live
11.Party Lights - Live
12.Applause - Live
13.Jesse (Live)
Present Company 英文
1.On the Train
2.Can You Reach Me
3.Hello Jerry
4.My Land
7.Let It Run Free
8.See the River
9.Nature's at Peace
10.Weary Lady
11.He's a Rainbow
12.Here in Spain
13.See My Grammy Ride
14.Present Company
15.The Seaside
Playlist: The Very Best Of Janis Ian 英文
1.Take Me Walking In The Rain - Live at London's Royal Festival Hall, Oct 14, 1995
2.Paris in Your Eyes
3.All Those Promises
4.Searching for America
5.My Tennessee Hills
6.Honor Them All (live)
7.She Must Be Beautiful (live)
8.Society's Child
Night Rains 英文
1.Fly Too High (Live Bonus Track)
2.Have Mercy Love
4.Night Rains
5.Day by Day
6.Lay Low
7.Here Comes the Night
Miracle Row 英文
1.Will You Dance? (Live Bonus Track)
2.Will You Dance?
4.Miracle Row
5.Miracle Row/Maria
6.I'll Cry Tonight
7.Slow Dance Romance
8.Take To The Sky
9.Sunset Of Your Life
10.I Want to Make You Love Me
Janis Ian 英文
1.Hotels & One-Night Stands
2.The Bridge
3.Hopper Painting (提供)
4.Some People
5.Silly Habits (Live)
Janis Ian Live: Working Without a Net 英文
1.This Train Still Runs (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)
2.Stars (Live at the University Theater)
3.Will You Dance? (Live at the Blue Note Club)
4.Honor Them All (Live at the Blue Note Club)
5.At Seventeen (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)
6.Cosmopolitan Girl (Live at the Dominion Theatre)
7.Tattoo (Live at Schouwburg Concordia)
8.Watercolors (Live at the Opera House)
9.Breaking Silence (Live at Staadschouwburg)
10.Berlin (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)
11.Take No Prisoners (Live at the Night Eagle Café)
12.Between the Lines (Live at Club Neptune's)
13.Fly Too High (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)
14.Take Me Walking In the Rain (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)
15.Jesse (Live at the Royal Concert Hall)
16.Paris In Your Eyes (Live at the Luxor Theatre)
17.Ride Me Like a Wave (Live at Debonklelaar)
18.Love is Blind (Live at the Blue Note Club)
19.Boots Like Emmy Lou's (Live at St. John's Cellar Stage)
20.Days Like These (Live at the Big Tree Music Series)
21.Society's Child (Live at Club Neptune's)
22.Silly Habits (Live at Schouwburg Concordia)
Janis Ian Live - Living Without a Net 英文
1.Tattoo (Live)
2.Take No Prisoners (Live)
3.Jesse (Live)
4.Breaking Silence (Live)
5.Honor Them All (Live)
6.Stars (Live)
7.Days Like These (Live)
8.Boots Like Emmy Lou's (Live)
9.Ride Me Like a Wave (Live)
10.Paris in Your Eyes (Live)
11.This Train Still Runs (Live)
Hunger 英文
1.Black & White
2.On the Dark Side of Town (提供)
5.Searching for America
6.Honor Them All (Live)
God & The FBI 英文
1.God & The FBI
2.On the Other Side (提供)
3.Memphis (提供)
5.Play Like a Girl
6.Days Like These
7.The Last Comeback (提供)
8.Murdering Stravinsky (提供)
9.Boots Like Emmy Lou's
Folk Is The New Black 英文
1.The Great Divide
2.Jackie Skates
3.All Those Promises
4.Standing In The Shadows Of Love
5.My Autobiography
6.Haven't I Got Eyes
8.Folk Is The New Black
9.The Drowning Man
Classic Protest Songs 英文
1.Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)
Billie's Bones 英文
1.Billie's Bones
2.My Tennessee Hills
3.I Hear You Sing Again
5.Mary's Eyes
6.Dead Men Walking
7.Paris In Your Eyes
Between the Lines (Remastered) 英文
1.When the Party's Over (Remastered)
2.Bright Lights and Promises (Remastered)
3.In the Winter (Remastered)
4.Watercolors (Remastered)
5.Between the Lines (Remastered)
6.The Come On (Remastered)
7.Light a Light (Remastered)
8.Tea and Sympathy (Remastered)
Between The Lines 英文
1.Water Colors2.Tea and Sympathy
Aftertones 英文
暫存 英文
1.At Seventeen
2.Every Love
3.17才の頃 (Single Version)
4.When You Love Someone
5.Lover's Lullaby
6.In the Winter
7.When the Party's Over
8.Between the Lines
9.From Me to You
10.Tea & Sympathy
11.Bright Lights and Promises
12.Crocodile Song
13.Sunset of Your Life
14.The Other Side of the Sun
15.Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (提供)
16.Have Mercy, Love
17.At Seventeen (Bonus Track)
18.The Other Site of the Sun
19.Fly Too High
20.Let Me Be Lonely
21.Party Lights
22.Silly Habits
23.Getting Over You
24.Getting Over You (w/ strings)
25.The Come On
26.Light a Light
27.Don't Leave Tonight
28.We Endure
30.Save Somebody
31.She Must Be Beautiful
32.At 17
33.Take to the Sky
34.Society's Child
35.Between the Line
37.Headlight Taillight
38.Hair Of Spun Gold
39.Through the Years
40.This Night
41.The Crocodile Song
42.Body Slave
43.Without You
44.Restless Eyes
45.The Man You Are In Me
47.Belle of the Blues
48.Goodbye to Morning
49.Boy, I Really Tied One On
50.One Mississippi
51.This Must Be Wrong
52.Do You Wanna Dance
54.Lover's Lullabye
56.Don't Cry, Old Man
57.On the Other Side (live 7/21/02 Dallas Pa)
58.Tea and Sympathy (Live)
59.You've Got Me on a String (Live)
60.Lay Low (Remastered)
61.Photographs (Remastered)
62.I'll Cry Tonight (Remastered)
63.Page Nine (Remastered)

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