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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Kill Your Idols
Kill Your Idols【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 65 首歌 】
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This Is Just the Beginning 英文
1.Can't Take It Away (提供)
2.... Just the Beginning
3.I Won't Forget You
4.What I've Become
5.Cousin Fred
6.The Path
7.Know the Pain
9.Send in the Clowns
12.I'm Still Here
13.Enjoy the Show
14.See Through You
16.Shits Creek
No Gimmicks Needed 英文
1.Remain (提供)
2.8:15 (提供)
3.Autumn (提供)
Kill Your Idols 英文
1.Nameless (提供)
Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols 英文
1.Chesterfield King and Propagandhi (提供)
2.I Told You So
3.Another Great Start to a Miserable Day (提供)
Funeral for a Feeling 英文
2.Fashion Statement
3.I Will Defy
4.All That and Vans Too!
5.Fall Out
6.Last Song
7.Made to Be Broken (Poison Idea)
8.Dead By Dawn
9.With Blinders On
10.This Is Not Goodbye, Just Goodnight
11.All the Difference
12.A Better Place
13.By the Way
14.Funeral For a Feeling
15.The Seen
16.Young (At Heart)
17.Goodbye My Love, Hello My Friend
From Companionship To Competition 英文
1.Intro / Blown Up, Burnt Out
2.Still Pist (originally recorded by The Pist)
3.15 Minutes
4.Make Up Your Minds
5.Don't Call Me, I Won't Call You
6.Miserable and Satisfied
7.We've Tried Nothing and We're All Out of Ideas
8.Your Wish Is My Command
9.From Companionship To Competition
10.Only Dicks Don't Like Black Flag
11.20 Bucks (提供)
12.I Hate My Guts
13.Stuck in a Rut
14.Looking Back
暫存 英文
1.Cast Me Aside (Live)
3.Goodbye to You (提供)
4.Work Together
5.Banned From the Pubs
6.Hippie Song
7.All That & Vans II (提供)
8.Hardcore Circa '99
9.Hardcore Circa 1999
10.Step on It (Slapshot) (提供)
11.Friends Like You

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