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London Elektricity【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 63 首歌 】
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Syncopated City 英文
1.Bare Religion (提供)
2.This Dark Matter
3.Just One Second
4.All Hell Is Breaking Loose (提供)
5.South Eastern Dream (提供)
6.Attack Ships On Fire (提供)
7.The Point Of No Return
9.USKA (提供)
10.Sat Nav (提供)
11.Syncopated City Revisited
12.Maybe I Was Wrong (提供)
Yikes! 英文
1.Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm
3.Had A Little Fight (提供)
4.The Plan That Cannot Fail (提供)
5.Yikes (提供)
6.Fault Lines
7.U Gotta B Crazy (提供)
8.Round The World In A Day
9.Love The Silence
10.Flesh Music (提供)
11.Invisible Worlds
Yikes! Remixes!! 英文
1.Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (S.P.Y remix)
2.Love the Silence (Mutated Forms remix)
3.Invisible Worlds (B-Complex remix)
4.Round the World in a Day (Royalston remix)
5.Meteorites (Danny Byrd remix) (feat. Elsa Esmeralda)
6.Fault Lines (Unquote's Snowy remix)
Power Ballads 英文
1.Out of This World (提供)
2.Remember the Future
3.The Strangest Secret in the World
4.Will to Love
5.Watching You, Watching Me
6.Far From the Shadows
7.I Don't Understand
8.Rewind (Live at the Jazz Cafe)
Live At The Scala 英文
1.Watching You, Watching Me - Live At The Scala
2.Power Ballad - Live At The Scala
3.Different Drum - Live At The Scala
4.The Strangest Secret In The World - Live At The Scala
5.Remember The Future - Live At The Scala
6.Different Drum
7.Out of This World (I-Dep remix) (提供)
Hospitalised 英文
1.Rewind (acoustic mix)
2.Different Drum (Photek remix)
3.Born to Synthesise
4.Out Of This World (D-Kay remix) (提供)
Hospital Loungecore Classics 英文
1.Rewind - Original Japan Version Remastered
2.Will To Love - Remastered
3.All Hell Is Breaking Loose - Remastered
4.Rewind (original Japan version)
暫存 英文
1.Just One Second (Apex remix)
2.All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Gentlemen's Dub Club Remix)
3.Billion Dollar Gravy
4.Rewind (dub mix)
5.Different Drum (Dillinja remix)
6.To Be Me
7.Remember the Future (High Contrast remix)
8.I Dont Understand (Craggz and Parallel Forces remix)
9.Syncopated City
10.This Dark Matter - Nu:Tone Remix
11.Bells in My Head

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