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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Lee Fields
Lee Fields【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 52 首歌 】
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Emma Jean 英文
1.Just Can't Win (提供)
2.Magnolia (提供)
4.Standing By Your Side
5.Eye To Eye (提供)
6.In The Woods (提供)
7.All I Need (提供)
8.It Still Gets Me Down (提供)
9.Talk To Somebody (提供)
10.Stone Angel (提供)
11.Don't Leave Me This Way
Let’s Talk It Over 英文
1.Wanna Dance (提供)
2.Let's Talk It Over
3.Mighty Mighty Love (提供)
4.Flim Flam (提供)
5.She's a Lovemaker (提供)
6.You're My Weakness (提供)
7.Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away, Pt. 1 (提供)
8.Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away, Pt.2 (提供)
9.Fought for Survival (提供)
10.Funky Screw (提供)
11.Take Me Back (提供)
12.Cutting Out (On Me) (提供)
13.Bewildered (提供)
14.The Bull Is Coming (提供)
15.You've Been Cutting Out On Me (提供)
Treacherous 英文
1.We're Here to Turn It Out (提供)
2.I've Been Hurt (提供)
3.I Want to Get With You (提供)
4.Living for the Gusto (提供)
5.Man Hunt (提供)
6.He Doesn't Care About You (提供)
7.At the End of the Day (提供)
8.Dance Like You're Naked (提供)
9.I Want You So Bad (提供)
10.We're Here to Turn It Out (Instrumental) (提供)
Problems 英文
1.Problems (提供)
2.The Right Thing (提供)
3.Rapping With Lee (提供)
4.Bad Trip (提供)
5.Get On The Good Foot (提供)
6.I Don't Know Where I'm Going (提供)
7.Clap Your Hands (提供)
8.Honey Dove
9.I'm The Man (提供)
10.You Made A New Man Out Of Me (提供)
Faithful Man 英文
1.Faithful Man
2.I Still Got It
3.You're the Kind of Girl
4.Wish You Were Here
5.Who Do You Love
6.It's All Over (But the Crying)

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