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Moka Only【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 169 首歌 】
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Martian XMAS 2015 英文
1.Boots (提供)
2.Rap Shit (提供)
3.Electric Route (提供)
4.Like Chillin (提供)
5.Saturnalia (提供)
6.Mcroby (提供)
7.Goose (提供)
8.Get It Like That (提供)
9.The Area Is Fat (提供)
10.Short Ribs (提供)
11.Open Gate (提供)
12.Golden Now (提供)
13.Step Into It (提供)
14.Um, Its Special (提供)
15.Coast Windows (提供)
16.Then and Now (提供)
17.Take A Holiday (提供)
Magikal Weirdness 英文
1.No (提供)
2.Light Of Your Life (提供)
3.I Got Shit To Do (提供)
4.Somethin Or Nothin' (提供)
5.Say A Little Somethin (提供)
6.Movin (提供)
7.Um Yeah Hey (提供)
8.Ain't It Somethin' Doe (提供)
9.Chicanery (提供)
10.We Never Think (提供)
11.Startin' Out (提供)
12.Don't Worry (提供)
13.Away To You (提供)
14.Speak My Spell (提供)
15.Do You Know How To Rock (提供)
16.Delux Edition (提供)
17.More Rugged Ft. Grand Puba (提供)
18.Just Dwell (提供)
19.Hit The Nail (提供)
20.Fishin (提供)
21.Lemmee Haz (提供)
22.Make It Last (提供)
23.Its Practice (提供)
24.Cosmology (提供)
25.This Path Is Pivotal (提供)
26.The Only One (提供)
27.Watch Us Go (提供)
28.Nothin To Me (提供)
29.Steppin In The Sunset (提供)
30.Holy Shit (提供)
31.Lettuce (提供)
32.Like..Totally (提供)
Chicken Wingz 英文
1.Lets Get Wingz (提供)
2.Just Another (提供)
3.Gordon Gartrell (提供)
4.When We Doo (提供)
5.To Fuck Shit Up Lovely (提供)
6.Here's The Moon Again Ft. Illa J (提供)
7.We Know (提供)
8.Screwdriver (提供)
9.Giddyup (提供)
10.Freak Ya Heart Out Ft. Illa J (提供)
11.Thurzday (提供)
12.Eta (提供)
California Sessions Volume 2 英文
1.Not Possible Ft. Ishkan (提供)
2.U Got Me (提供)
3.This Is All We Know (提供)
4.Drummy,always On The Road (提供)
5.Problems (提供)
6.Play It Smart (提供)
7.Dreaming Of The Day (提供)
8.Let The Drums Go (提供)
9.Come On Now (提供)
10.Exclisive Clothes (提供)
11.Baby Powder (提供)
12.So What (Weird Shit) (提供)
13.Thats All I Want To Say (提供)
Sex Money Moka 英文
1.I Wanna
2.Inside My Heart (提供)
3.Its Best
4.Tryna Be Fly (提供)
5.Rolla Nugg Feat Mr. Brady (提供)
6.Flying (提供)
7.Blender (提供)
8.Always Happy (提供)
9.What Would Happen
10.You Wont Get Much Higher (提供)
11.Rhyme Is Wow Feat Korry Deez
12.So Much Ta Go On Feat Dave PSY (提供)
13.Mysterious Feat Jon Rogers (提供)
14.Im Coming On The World (提供)
16.Sunshine and Cakes (提供)
17.For Me (提供)
18.Love and Happiness Feat LMNO (提供)
19.Go Mellow
Vintage Beats 2002 Vol 1 英文
1.Five Mins (提供)
2.Your Gratitude (提供)
3.Funky Ebola (提供)
4.Quick Funklet (提供)
5.Beach Smoke I Dont Know What (提供)
6.Witchoo (提供)
7.Computer Voodoo Reprise (提供)
8.Mountain Horn (提供)
9.You Got (提供)
10.All Of These Things (提供)
11.Intro and Shouts (提供)
12.Let It Go (提供)
Mutant 英文
1.Rewind (提供)
2.The Home Of The All (提供)
3.Why I Do This (提供)
4.The Something I Got (提供)
5.Its All How You Want It To Go (提供)
6.Off The Wall (提供)
7.Im Goulish (提供)
8.Wah-Da-Tah (提供)
9.Sign Out (提供)
10.Some Ol New Shit (提供)
Martian Xmas 2013 英文
1.The Betterment (提供)
2.Ringing The Bells Feat LMNO (提供)
3.The Seasoning (提供)
4.To You and Throo You (提供)
5.Pizza Jazz (提供)
6.Chicken Holiday (提供)
7.Cant Slow Down Feat Jon Rogers (提供)
8.Ewen Branch (提供)
9.Ultimate Feat Mr Brady (提供)
10.Nuggets (提供)
11.You Know The Recipe Feat Jon Rogers (提供)
12.All Im Asking For (提供)
13.For All Of Yall Feat Jeff Spec (提供)
14.Make It Keep It (提供)
15.The Thinkers Alien (提供)
16.Play Them In The AM (提供)
Doctor Do Much 英文
1.Mercy (提供)
3.Together (提供)
4.And It's So Right (提供)
5.Keep Talking (提供)
6.I'm in Control (提供)
7.Like a Hummel (提供)
8.The Rufus Ensemble (提供)
9.Jar (提供)
10.Good Morning Welcome (提供)
11.The Ride (提供)
12.Diggin' Diamonds (提供)
13.Pulsating (提供)
14.The Big One (提供)
15.I Am The Scene (提供)
16.Suckmy Dickendoo Lunch (提供)
Airport 6 英文
1.Sleeping Dogs (提供)
2.Ain't Broken (提供)
3.Back Back (提供)
4.The Tighten Up
5.Resistance (提供)
6.I'm In Space (提供)
7.Mr. Megahustle (提供)
8.Still Gotcha (提供)
9.So Phenomenal (提供)
10.Like That (提供)
11.Goin' Down (提供)
12.To Keep Us Rollin' (提供)
The Desired Effect 英文
1.Once Again (feat. Mad Child)
2.Calling Out (feat. K-OS)
3.More Soup (feat. MF DOOM)
4.Sitting on the Porch (feat. Mad Child)
Lime Green 英文
2.Ferry Tales
3.Team Work (feat. LMNO)
4.Crunch (feat. Swollen Members)
暫存 英文
1.I'll Be Cool2.Shake Dat Neck

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