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Popa Chubby( 波帕科比 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 100 首歌 】
Theodore Joseph“Ted”Horowitz(1960年3月31日出生於美國紐約市布朗克斯區),在Popa Chubby的舞台名下演出,是美國搖滾/電動布魯斯歌手,作曲家和吉他手。

出生: 1960 年 3 月 31 日,美國紐約州紐約布朗克斯
類型: 電子藍調, 搖滾樂, 藍調搖滾
電影: Popa Chubby: Live in Concert, Guitar Heroes
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Big, Bad & Beautiful Live 英文
1.Working Class Blues (提供)
2.Stoop Down Baby
3.Angel On My Shoulder
4.I Don't Want Nobody (提供)
6.Signed With Heartache (提供)
7.Blues Bearing Down (提供)
8.Chubbfatha Medley (提供)
9.Rock On Blues Man (提供)
10.Take Me Back To Amsterdam (提供)
11.I Was Looking Back
12.Love In Vain (提供)
13.Brown Sugar (提供)
14.Wild Horses (提供)
15.Another 10 Years Gone (提供)
16.Caffeine And Nicotine
17.People's Blues (提供)
18.Noise Making Love Machine (提供)
19.Sympathy For The Devil (提供)
I'm Feelin' Lucky 英文
1.Come to Me (提供)
2.One Leg At A Time (提供)
3.Three Little Words (提供)
4.Rollin' N' Tumblin' (提供)
5.Too Much Information (提供)
6.Rock On Bluesman (提供)
7.I'M Feelin' Lucky (提供)
8.Save Your Own Life (提供)
9.I'M a Pitbull (Nothing But Love) (提供)
10.Way It Is (提供)
Universal Breakdown Blues 英文
1.I Don't Want Nobody (提供)
2.I Ain't Giving Up (提供)
3.Universal Breakdown Blues (提供)
4.The Peoples Blues (提供)
5.Rock Me Baby (提供)
6.69 Dollars (提供)
7.Somewhere over the Rainbow (提供)
8.I Need a Lil' Mojo (提供)
9.Danger Man (提供)
10.Take Me Back to Amsterdam (Reefer Smokin' Man) (提供)
11.The Finger Bangin' Boogie (提供)
12.Mindbender (提供)
The Essential 英文
1.Grown Man Crying Blues (提供)
3.Hey Joe
4.How'd A White Boy Get The Blues
5.If The Diesel Don't Get You Then The Jet Fuel Will (提供)
6.Life Is A Beatdown
7.Like The Buddha Do (提供)
8.Slide Devil Man Slide (提供)
9.Somebody Let The Devil Out (提供)
10.Sweet Goddess Of Love & Beer
11.Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life
12.The Fight Is On (提供)
13.Deliveries After Dark (提供)
14.Another Ten Years Gone (提供)
15.Back In My Baby's Arms (提供)
16.Daddy Played The Guitar And Mama Was A Disco Queen
The Fight Is On 英文
1.We Got Some Rocking To Do (提供)
2.Locked In A Memory (提供)
3.The Right Time (提供)
4.Rock And Roll Is My Religion (提供)
5.Greedy For Gold (提供)
6.Nyc 1977 Til... (提供)
7.Holes (提供)
8.Sleephorse Serenace (提供)
9.It's Over (提供)
10.Wicked Wanda (提供)
11.Ace Of Spades (提供)
Electric Chubbyland 英文
1.Spanish Castle Magic
2.Come On
3.Little Wing
Brooklyn Basement Blues 英文
1.White Devil
2.She Said That Evil Was Her Name
Booty and the Beast 英文
2.Lookin' Back
3.Low Down and Dirty
4.Palace of the King
5.Same Old Blues
Big, Bad and Beautiful (Live) 英文
1.Daddy Played the Guitar and Mama Was a Disco Queen (Live)
2.Stoop Down Baby (Live)
3.Same Old Blues (Live)
4.Palace of the King (Live)
5.Sweat (Live)
6.Caffeine and Nicotine (Live)
Big Man Big Guitar Live 英文
1.Hey Joe - Live
2.I Can't See The Light Of Day - Live
3.Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer - Live
4.Hallelujah - Live
暫存 英文
1.Nobody Knows You
2.Palace Of The King
3.Low Rider
4.These Boots Are Made for Walking
5.Heart Attack and Vine
6.A Chaque Jour Suffit Sa Peine
7.These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
8.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
10.Long Way Home
11.Nobody Loves Me Like I Love Myself

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