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Racoon( Racoon band )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 112 首歌 】
Racoon是荷蘭搖滾樂隊,成立於1997年。他們的第一次大型表演是在1999年的Noorderlag節日。 第一張專輯“Till Monkeys Fly”於2000年1月出版,由Michael Schoots(Urban Dance Squad)製作。 第一首單曲“Feel Like Flying”成為熱門歌曲,並在荷蘭3FM電台上播出了很多歌曲。 樂隊迄今為止最大的成就是在2005年,當時它的單曲“Love You More”在荷蘭音樂排行榜上排名第三。
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All In Good Time 英文
1.Shoes Of Lightning
2.Heaven Holds A Place
3.Tommy (提供)
4.Brick By Brick
5.Good To See You
6.The Little One Falls (提供)
7.Guilty (提供)
8.Spit Your Heart Out
9.Boy Breaks Heart (提供)
10.Young And Wise (提供)
11.Fun We Had (提供)
The Singles Collection 英文
2.Feel like flying
3.Blue days
4.Close Your Eyes
5.Laugh About It
6.Love You More
8.Eric's Bar
9.Lucky All My Life
10.Clean Again
11.Before You Leave
12.My Town
13.No Mercy
14.Took A Hit
15.Don't Give Up The Fight
16.Liverpool Rain
Till Monkeys Fly 英文
Racoon 英文
1.The Little One Falls (Live)
2.Shoes of Lightning (Live)
3.Boy Breaks Heart (Live)
4.Liverpool Rain (Live)
5.No Mercy (Live)
6.Took a Hit (Live)
7.Young and Wise (Live)
8.Heaven Holds a Place (Live)
9.Couple of Guys (Live)
10.Freedom (Live)
11.Guilty (Live)
12.Spit Your Heart Out (Live)
13.Tommy (Live)
14.Brick by Brick (Live)
15.2014 (Live)
16.Fun We Had (Live)
Look Ahead 英文
1.The Man Who Lost His Pride
2.Bottle of Waiting Whisky
3.Bring It On
Liverpool Rain 英文
3.Little Down on the Upside
4.Don't Hold Me Down
5.Happy Thoughts
6.No Story to Tell
7.Better Be Kind
Live At Chassé (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Whatever Song (Live)
2.Hallelujah (Live)
3.Man of Constant Sorrow (Live)
4.Lucky All My Life (Live)
5.Before You Leave (Live)
6.Lose Another Day (Live)
7.Love You More (Live)
8.My Town (Live)
9.Close Your Eyes (Live)
10.Bedroom Floor (Live)
11.Happy Family (Live)
12.Clean Again (Live)
13.Walk Away (Live)
14.Start a War (Live)
15.Thinking of You (Live)
16.Run Out (Live)
17.Good and Ugly (Live)
18.Never Alone (Live) (提供)
19.Laugh About It (Live)
20.Mrs. Angel (Live)
21.Brother (Live)
22.Rudest Behaviour (Live)
Here We Go Stereo 英文
1.Side Effects
3.Luka's Song
4.Biggest Fan
Another Day 英文
1.Kingsize2.Happy Family
暫存 英文
1.World on a plate
2.Rapid eye movement
3.Shooting star
5.Ice cream time
8.Daily news
9.Back you up
10.By your side
11.Choose This Day
12.Lose Another Day
13.Walk Away
14.Got To Get Out
15.Hero's In Town
16.Hanging With The Clowns
17.Blow Your Tears
18.If You Know What I Mean
19.Couple Of Guys
20.Tommy - Live From Spotify Amsterdam
21.Hurt (NiN cover) - Live From Spotify Amsterdam
22.Don't Give Up the Fight (Live Bij Evers Staat Op Radio 538)
23.This Will Be Our Year (Acoustic Version)
24.Beautiful Smile
25.Hanging With the Clowns (Live At Orpheus, Apeldoom 2006)
26.Little Down (Live)
27.Monkey Business

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