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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Rebecca St. James( 麗貝卡聖詹姆斯 )
Rebecca St. James( 麗貝卡聖詹姆斯 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 160 首歌 】
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Best Of Rebecca St. James 英文
1.I Thank You
2.Wait For Me
3.Song Of Love
8.Yes, I Believe In God
9.You're The Voice
10.Here I Am
11.Go And Sin No More
Icon 英文
1.I Thank You
I Will Praise You 英文
1.I Will Praise You
2.You Never Let Go
3.Shine Your Glory Down
4.You Still Amaze Me
5.In A Moment
6.The Kindness Of Our God
7.When The Stars Burn Down (Blessings And Honor)
8.Almighty God
9.You Hold Me Now
10.You Make Everything Beautiful
!Hero: The Rock Opera 英文
1.Secrets Of The Heart2.Stand By You
Christmas 英文
1.A Cradle Prayer
2.Happy Christmas
3.Jesu' Joy Of Man's Desiring
4.O Come All Ye Faithful
5.O Come Emmanuel
6.O Holy Night
7.One Small Child
8.Silent Night
9.Sweet Little Jesus Boy
10.What Child Is This
God 英文
1.Abba (Father)
2.Abba (Father) (1996)
3.A Cold Heart Turns
4.A Cold Heart Turns (1996)
5.Carry Me High
6.Carry Me High (1996)
7.Go & Sin No More
8.Go And Sin No More (1996)
10.God (1996)
11.Me Without You
12.Me Without You (1995)
13.Psalm 139 (1996)
14.Speak To Me
15.Speak To Me (1996)
16.That's What Matters
17.That's What Matters (1996)
18.You're The Voice
19.You're The Voice (1986)
20.You Then Me
21.You Then Me (1996)
Rebecca St. James 英文
1.Above All Things
2.Everything I Do
3.Here I Am
4.I Thank You Lord
5.Jesus Loves The Little Children
6.Little Bit Of Love
7.Side By Side
8.True Love
9.Way Up Here
10.We Don't Need It
Refresh My Heart 英文
1.And We Behold Him
2.Blessing, Honour
3.Children Of The King
4.I Am Your Child
5.I Will Lift My Voice
6.Refresh My Heart
7.The Rock Medley
8.Show Your Glory
9.Refresh My Heart (Reprise) (提供)
10.The Soul Medley
11.We Will Not Bow To The World
12.Who Is He
aLIVE in Florida 英文
1.Intro - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
2.Alive - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
3.Forgive Me - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
4.Take All Of Me - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
5.Reborn - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
6.Beautiful Stranger - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
7.You Are Loved - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
8.Wait For Me - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
9.Lamb Of God - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
10.God Help Me - aLIVE In Florida Album Version
11.Thank You (feat. Joel)
Pray 英文
暫存 英文
1.He Is Exalted
2.Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation
3.As The Coming Of The Lord
4.God Didn't Give Me A Spirit Of Fear
5.I Walk By Faith
6.I Thank You
7.Above All
8.God of Wonders
9.It Is Well
10.Your Love Broke Through
12.Omega (Remix)
13.For the Love of God
15.Don't Worry
17.All around Me
18.My Hope
19.Lean On
20.Lamb of God
21.Quiet You with My Love
22.Let My Words Be Few
25.Expressions Of Your Love
26.You Are Loved
27.I Can Trust You
28.Better Is One Day
30.Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
33.I'll Carry You
34.Come Quickly Lord
36.Hold Me Jesus
37.Give Myself Away
38.Thank You
39.Psalm 139
40.Beautiful Stranger
41.God (God (Remix)
42.Love Being Loved By You
43.Love To Love You
44.Lest I Forget
45.Take All Of Me
46.I Need You
47.The Power of Your Love
48.Blessed Be Your Name
49.Hark the Herald Angels Sing
51.God Help Me
52.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
53.Forgive Me
54.In Me
55.Lord You're Beautiful
57.When The Stars Burn Down (Blessing & Honor)
58.Until Your Love Broke Through
59.Veggietales Theme Song - Veggie Rocks Album Version
60.Side By Side - Rebecca St James Album Version
61.I Need You - If I Had One Chance Album Version
62.Take All Of Me - If I Had One Chance Album Version
64.Here I Am to Worship
66.Above All (Worship God Album Version)
67.Shout to the Lord
68.Hope's Song
69.Power of Your Love
70.Beautiful Stranger - If I Had One Chance Album Version

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