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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Milow( 米洛 )
Milow( 米洛 )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 106 首歌 】
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Modern Heart 英文
1.Waiting Around For Love
2.Lonely One
3.Howling At The Moon
4.The Fast Lane
5.Love Like That Is Easy
6.No No No
7.Running Blind
8.Really Rich
9.Way Up High
1.Learning How To Disappear
2.The Loneliest Girl in the World (提供)
3.You're Still Alive in My Head
4.The Golden Hour
5.My Mother's House (提供)
6.Sons of Our Fathers (提供)
7.Echoes in the Dark
9.Blue Skies
10.Against the Tide
11.Wind Me Up
12.Eye of the Storm (提供)
13.Arms of a Better Man (提供)
14.I Was a Famous Singer (提供)
15.We Must Be Crazy
16.So Long So Long (提供)
17.Minus One (提供)
18.Cowboys Pirates Musketeers (提供)
19.22 Children (提供)
North And South 英文
2.You And Me (In My Pocket)
3.She Might She Might
4.Little In The Middle
5.Building Bridges
6.Never Gonna Stop
8.California Rain
9.Move To Town
10.The Kingdom
You And Me (In My Pocket) (Single) 英文
1.You And Me (In My Pocket) (Single)2.You And Me (In My Pocket) [Acoustic Version]
Milow - Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Blue Skies - Live At Spotify Berlin
2.You're Still Alive In My Head - Live At Spotify Berlin
3.We Must Be Crazy - Live At Spotify Berlin
4.Against The Tide - Live At Spotify Berlin
5.You and Me (In My Pocket) - Live At Spotify Berlin
6.My Mother's House - Live At Spotify Berlin
Maybe Next Year (Live) 英文
1.Brussels Is On My Side - Live in Amsterdam
2.Until the Morning Comes (Live) (提供)
3.Canada (Live)
4.Darkness Ahead and Behind (Live)
5.One of It (Live) (提供)
6.Out of My Hands (Live)
7.The Priest (Live)
8.Born In the Eighties (Live) (提供)
9.The End (Live)
10.Brussels Is On My Side
11.The Ride (Live) (提供)
12.The Ride - Live in Amsterdam
13.Until The Morning Comes - Live in Amsterdam
14.One Of It - Live in Amsterdam
15.The Priest - Live in Amsterdam
16.You Don't Know - Live in Amsterdam
17.Born In The Eighties - Live in Amsterdam
18.Ayo Technology - Live in Amsterdam
19.Ayo Technology
From North to South (Live) [Special Version] 英文
1.Car Wreck in the Lake (Live)
2.Never Gonna Stop (Live)
3.Building Bridges (Live)
4.You and Me (In My Pocket) (Live)
5.You Don't Know (Live) (提供)
6.Dreamers and Renegades (Live)
7.Move to Town (Live)
8.She Might She Might (Live)
9.The Kingdom (Live)
10.Little in the Middle (Live)
11.California Rain (Live)
Coming of Age 英文
2.Launching Ships
3.Darkness Ahead and Behind
4.Herald of Free Enterprise
5.Dreamers and Renegades
6.Out of My Hands
7.House By the Creek
8.The Priest
10.Coming of Age
11.The Ride (提供)
12.Ayo Technology
暫存 英文
1.Ayo Technology (Milow cover version)
2.Out of my hands
3.Mistaken (Sam Feldt Remix)
4.We Must Be Crazy (Live - Acoustic)
5.22 Children - Live
6.You and Me (In My Pocket) (unplugged at Ö3, Austria)
7.Where My Head Used to Be
8.Stephanie (Live)
9.Thunder Road (Live) [Bonus Track]
10.You and Me
11.Dreamers & Renegades
12.Never Gonna Stop (Live in Montreux)
13.The Bigger Picture
14.Silver Game
15.Tomorrow the Sun May Go
16.I Won't Back Down
17.Don't Turn Around

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