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Franz Ferdinand( 法蘭茲費迪南 )【 共收藏 26 張專輯, 294 首歌 】
法蘭茲‧費迪南 (Franz Ferdinand) 是一隊英國獨立搖滾組合,2001年在蘇格蘭的格拉斯哥組成。樂團名稱是按奧地利的費迪南大公而名。樂團成員包括Alex Kapranos (主唱、吉他手)、Bob Hardy (低音吉他手)、Nick McCarthy (吉他手、鍵盤手及和音)以及Paul Thomson (鼓手及和音)、參與第五張專輯的新成員則是Dino Bardot(吉他手、和音) 以及 Julian Corrie(鍵盤手、合成器及和音)


在90年代,樂團成員分別加入不同的組合,包括The Karelia、Yummy Fur、10p Invaders和Embryo。Alex Kapranos和Paul Thomson曾同時加入組合Yummy Fur,然後合作創作歌曲。同一時間,Alex教他的朋友Bob Hardy玩低音吉他。在2001年,Alex遇上了剛從德國回到蘇格蘭的吉他手Nick McCarthy。 在2003年5月,樂團和獨立唱片公司Domino Records簽下合約,並錄製了一張EP﹐其後Domino將這張EP命名為Darts Of Pleassure並在2003年推出,封面由鼓手Paul Thomson設計。這張EP登上了英國流行榜第43位。在2003年後期,樂團贏得2004年的NME Awards的Phillip Hall Radar Award。
You Could Have It So Much Better/因為你值得(2005-2007)

在2007年後期,法蘭茲‧費迪南在格拉斯哥錄製第三張錄音室專輯。在一個與英國報章獨立報的訪問中,樂團表示第三張專輯會受非洲音樂影響。 在2008年6月6日,樂團的官方網站已經修復,提供即將推出的專輯的節錄。新專輯'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand'已確定將於2009年1月26日發行,目前已在某些英國通路開放預購。
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action/存好心、說好話、做好事(2010-2014)

2016年7月,樂團宣布吉他手Nick McCarthy為了專注於家庭和其他音樂興趣,不會參與錄製和巡迴他們的下一張專輯。但樂團強調Nick將來可能會重新加入樂團。

2017年5月19日,在北美巡迴開始的前兩天,樂團宣布了他們兩位新的樂團成員。吉他手是前1990s的成員Dino Bardot、負責鍵盤及合成器則是Julian Corrie。

2017年10月25日,樂團發表了單曲'Always Ascending',而它同時也會是即將於2018年2月9日發行的第五張錄音室專輯名稱。
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
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Fresh Strawberries 英文
1.Fresh Strawberries2.Erdbeer Mund
FFS 英文
1.Johnny Delusional
2.Call Girl
3.Dictator's Son (提供)
4.Little Guy from the Suburbs
5.Police Encounters (提供)
6.Save Me from Myself (提供)
7.So Desu Ne (提供)
8.The Man Without a Tan
9.Things I Won't Get (提供)
10.The Power Couple
11.Collaborations Don't Work
12.Piss Off
Late Night Tales 英文
1.Leaving My Old Life Behind
2.Disco Devil (提供)
3.King Heroin (提供)
4.Love Will Set You Free (提供)
5.Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five (提供)
6.Reach For The Dead (提供)
7.Zebra (提供)
8.Old Man (提供)
9.Sweet Mountain (提供)
10.Requiem Pour Un Con (提供)
11.More Bounce To The Ounce (提供)
12.I'm Only Sleeping (提供)
13.Eighteen Is Over The Hill (提供)
14.Let There Be Drums (提供)
15.New Town (提供)
16.Connection (提供)
17.The Darkside (提供)
18.Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3 (提供)
19.For The Love Of Money (提供)
20.Defibrillator (提供)
存好心、說好話、做好事(Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action) 英文
1.Right Action
2.Evil Eye
3.Love Illumination
4.Stand On The Horizon
5.Fresh Strawberries
7.Treason ! Animals.
8.The Universe Expanded
9.Brief Encounters
10.Goodbye Lovers and Friends
12.No You Girls(Live)
13.Evil Eye(Live)
14.Fresh Strawberries(Live)
15.Right Action(Live)
16.Goodbye Lovers and Friends(Live)
17.Can't Stop Feeling(Live)
18.Treason ! Animals.(Live)
19.Love and Destroy(Live)
20.Do You Want To(Live)
22.Love Illumination(Live)
The North Sea [Todd Terje Mixes] 英文
1.Evil Eye (Todd Terje Extended Mix)2.Stand on the Horizon (Todd Terje Extended Mix)
Tonight:Franz Ferdinand 英文
2.Turn It On
3.No You Girls
4.Send Him Away
5.Twilight Omens
6.Bite Hard
7.What She Came For
8.Live Alone
9.Can't Stop Feeling
10.Lucid Dreams
11.Dream Again
12.Katherine Kiss Me
Blood 英文
1.Feel The Pressure
2.Die On The Floor
3.The Vaguest Of Feeling
4.If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can
5.Katherine Hit Me
6.Backwards On My Face
7.Feel The Envy
8.Be Afraid
You Could Have It So Much Better (因為你值得) 英文
1.The Fallen
2.Do You Want To
3.This Boy
4.Walk Away
5.Evil And A Heathen
6.You're The Reason I'm Leaving
7.Eleanor Put Your Boots On
8.Well That Was Easy
9.What You Meant
10.I'm Your Villain
11.You Could Have It So Much Better
12.Fade Together
War Child Presents Heroes 英文
1.Call Me
Ulysses 英文
1.Ulysses (radio edit)
3.Feeling Kind Of Anxious
4.You Never Go Out Anymore
5.Anyone In Love
6.New Kind of Thrill
Spotify Sessions: Thoughts, Words, Action 英文
1.Right Action (live from Avatar Studios)
2.Love Illumination (live from Avatar Studios)
3.Bullet (live from Avatar Studios)
4.Can't Stop Feeling (live from Avatar Studios)
5.Take Me Out (live from Avatar Studios)
6.No You Girls (live from Avatar Studios)
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Right Action - Live from Spotify New York
2.Love Illumination - Live from Spotify New York
3.Bullet - Live from Spotify New York
4.Can't Stop Feeling - Live from Spotify New York
5.Take Me Out - Live from Spotify New York
6.No You Girls - Live from Spotify New York
Scotland on Sunday Special 英文
1.Michael (live) (Radio Sessions KCRW, California)
2.Tell Her Tonight (original demo)
3.Take Me Out (Naum Gaubo mix)
4.Better in Hoboken
5.Shopping for Blood
Remixes 英文
1.I'm Your Villain (Remixed by Lindstrom)
2.Outsiders (Remixed by Isolée)
3.Do You Want To (Erol Alkan's Glam Racket)
4.The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
No You Girls 英文
1.No You Girls (radio mix)
2.No You Girls - Noze Remix
3.Lucid Dreams - Mike Fraser Mix
4.Ulysses - Zomby Gloop Remix
5.No You Girls - Raffertie Remix
6.No You Girls
Michael 英文
1.Tell Her Tonight (Paul sings)
3.Love and Destroy
4.Michael (Simon Bookish version)
5.Don't Start
6.This Fire (Playgroup remix)
7.Dark of the Matinée (Headman remix)
8.Missing You
Live at Forest National Club, Brussels 英文
1.Goodbye Lovers & Friends
3.Evil and a Heathen
4.The Dark of the Matinée
6.Take Me Out
7.Tell Her Tonight
8.Lucid Dreams
10.This Fire
11.Right Action
12.Can't Stop Feeling (1/2)
14.Do You Want To?
16.Evil Eye
17.Fresh Strawberries
18.Brief Encounters
19.Love Illumination
20.Walk Away
Live 2014 at the London Roundhouse 英文
1.Outsiders - Live
2.This Fire - Live
3.Love Illumination - Live
4.Lucid Dreams - Live
5.Fresh Strawberries - Live
6.Do You Want To - Live
7.No You Girls - Live
8.Evil Eye - Live
9.Ulysses - Live
10.Right Action - Live
11.Tell Her Tonight (Live)
12.Take Me Out - Live
13.Michael - Live
14.Walk Away - Live
15.The Dark of the Matinée - Live
16.Brief Encounters (Live)
17.Auf Achse (Live)
18.Medley: Darts of Pleasure / Jacqueline (Live)
19.Evil and a Heathen (Live)
20.The Fallen (Live)
21.Goodbye Lovers and Friends - Live
22.Can'™t Stop Feeling (Live)
Franz Ferdinand 英文
2.Shopping for Blood
3.Love and Destroy
4.Truck Stop
5.Van Tango
6.All for You, Sophia
7.Words So Leisured
8.This Fffire
10.40 ft
11.Come On Home
15.Tell Her Tonight
16.Take Me Out
17.The Dark Of The Matinée
18.Auf Achse
19.Cheating On You
20.This Fire
21.Darts Of Pleasure
22.Don't Start
Evil Eye (Remixes) 英文
1.Evil Eye (Alan Braxe Remix)
2.Evil Eye - The New Sins FREAK Dub
3.Evil Eye - In Flagranti Rework
4.Evil Eye
Evil Action 英文
1.Evil Eye (Todd Terje extended mix)
2.Stand on the Horizon (Todd Terje extended mix)
3.Fresh Strawberries (live From Konk)
4.Do You Want To (live From Konk)
5.Right Action
6.Love Illumination
7.Take Me Out (Daft Punk remix)
Eleanor Put Your Boots On 英文
1.Ghost in a Ditch
2.Eleanor Put Your Boots On
3.Eleanor Put Your Boots On - New Recording
4.Fade Together (Avalanches Mix)
5.Wine In the Afternoon
6.Fade Together - Avalanches Remix
Do You Want To 英文
1.Get Away
2.Do You Want To - Max Tundra Remix
3.What You Meant - Acoustic
4.Fabulously Lazy
5.Do You Want To (Erol Alkan's Glam Racket remix)
6.Do You Want To
8.Your Diary
Darts of Pleasure (Live) 英文
1.Darts of Pleasure (Live)
2.Eleanor Put Your Boots On (Live)
3.Katherine Kiss Me (Live)
4.Turn It On (Live)
5.Ulysses (Live)
6.No You Girls (Live)
7.Take Me Out (Live)
8.Jacqueline (Live)
9.Michael (Live)
Can't Stop Feeling 英文
1.Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine remix)
2.Can't Stop Feeling - Emperor Machine Inst
3.Can't Stop Feeling - Who Made Who Remix
暫存 英文
1.Lucid Dreams (Pre-Album Version)
2.Walk Away (Live @ Pinkpop 2006)
3.The Darts of Pleasure
5.Your Diary (exclusive track - previously unreleased)
6.What She Came for (Drums of Death Remix)
7.Sound and Vision
8.Darts of Pleasure (cut)
9.Swallow, Smile
10.Love & Destroy
11.Dark of the Matinée
12.This Fffire (Rich Costey Re-Record)
13.Love And Destroy
14.Darts of Pleasure
15.Dont Start
16.Get Up and Use Me
17.Tell Her Tonight (home demo)
18.40 Ft
19.Auf Achse (Xfm live recording)
20.No You Girls (Trentemøller remix)
21.Forty Feet
22.Auf Acshe
23.7. Cheating On You
25.The Fallen (album version)
26.The Dark of the Matinée
27.Evil & a Heathen
28.Stand On the Horizon (Tom Furse Extrapolation)
30.Call me - Franz Ferdinand
31.Lucid Dreams (Original Version)
32.Ulysses (The Disco Bloodbath Effect)
33.Lucid Dreams - New Album Version
34.I'm Your Villian
35.Better On Holiday
36.Call Me [Live]
38.What You Waiting For? - Live Lounge
39.Treason! Animals
40.Kind Of Thrill
41.If I Can't Have You Nobody Can
42.Backwards Of My Face
43.Darts Of Pleasure [Live]
44.The Lobster Quadrille
45.What You Waiting For?
46.Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow
47.All My Friends
48.L. Wells
49.Wine In The Afternoon
50.Ghost In A Ditch
51.Jackie Jackson
52.Jeremy Fraser
53.Eyes Of Mars
54.Demagogue (30 Days, 30 Songs)
55.40' (Acoustic Version)
56.Always Ascending
57.Feel The Love Go (Edit)
58.Lazy Boy - Edit
59.Glimpse of Love
60.Glimpse of Love (Version)

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