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1 8.Electro Interlude e up now.(Professor) I certainly don't intend to. Good let's continue.( ... tend to. Good let's continue.(Professor) Lesson Two- Electromgnetics(Professor) Yo..Wassup? Time-varying electriC fields Dielectric... Permittivity of free space:8.854 X10 to the negative twelfth Farad ... close to a conducting loop...(Professor) Wait isn't that a Donut?(Student) Yes very good.( ... onut?(Student) Yes very good.(Professor) Now What have you learned?(Professor) Donuts
2 6.I Feel Lucky feel lucky yeah No professor doom Gonna stand in my way Hmm I feel luck today Well I strolled down to th
3 9.VIBRASKOOL feat.近田春夫(Professor Drugstore a.k.a. President BPM)& tofubeats IBRASKOOL feat.近田春夫(Professor Drugstore a.k.a. President BPM)& tofubeats作詞 Haruo Chikada・tofubeats作曲
4 13.Love Professor 一-Spiral13.Love Professor作詞 Ami作曲 Ayumi Miyazaki・Ami・Dele Ladimeji If you want If you really want
5 31.赤いピンヒールとプロフェッサー 恋を教えてあなたは Professor WOW WOW WOWキャンパスで逢ったら知らんぷりをしてそ ... ミとは別にいけない Professor WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW赤いピンヒール ... 恋を教えてあなたは Professor WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WO

6 12.DON'T GIVE UP-REMIX- feat.Professor Chinnen MIX- feat.Professor Chinnen作詞 PETER MAN作曲 MODERN ON DISCOあきらめない夢手に入れたいからやるしかない後戻りはしない固い意志曲げられない道間違えないで進めば未来は開ける絶対広がるでっかい世界は想像の中ではそこを実際のところ ... だろう Yeah! PETER MAN long side Professor Chinnen say datあきらめない夢手に入れたいか
7 7.おとぼけ with PROFESSOR CHINNEN おとぼけ with PROFESSOR CHINNEN作詞 M.HONDA・PROFESSOR CHINNEN作曲 M.HONDA・PROFESSOR CHINNEN・DADDY DRAGONどえらいおっさん二人のコンビどでかい爆弾投下日本に超ドメスティック、モロJapan Onlyそれからどした Don't Stopへぇこれが関西風二人揃えば漫才風言葉の渦巻く台風ほぐれてきたんとちゃうのだい ... 次ワタクシ何が起きるか解らん点で NG long side Professor CHINNEN間
8 8.MEGALOPOLIS PATROL a typewriter情報屋?って誰がProfessor?! YO I'M GONNA GO AHEADディテールにゃ何も書いちゃいねえぜ HEADZ!テメェの目と耳で確かめるまで踊らされんじゃねえぜ Say
9 1.Dear my friend-手紙を書くよ- iyavi-編曲 MYV/Hideki「professor」Tsutsumi Dear my friend空を見なよ、今僕らは同じ空を見てんだ。遠く離れてても同じ地球(せかい)同じ世代、海と空の樣に僕達もどこか
10 2.愛しい人(ベタですまん。)-2006 ver.- iyavi-編曲 MYV/Hideki「professor」Tsutsumi愛しい人泣かないで、笑ってみせて。淚がみたくて「好き」って言ったんじゃないんだよ?愛しい人大丈夫、淋しくなんかないでしょ。だって貴方が
11 3.君にファンキ一モンキ一バイヴレ一ション~獨奏~ iyavi-編曲 MYV/Hideki「professor」Tsutsumiそう君に戀しちまったのさ身も心も奪われちまってどうしようもないね、君の事ばかりそう君に夢中になっちって、勉強も仕事(もうなに)も全然手
12 7.Because That's Love の Officers眉間にしわを寄せた Professors戦場で転げ回る Soldiers世界中の人の胸に(Love Is Calling You)眠る愛を呼び出してみよう Because That's Lo
13 6.58年9月、お世話になりました R THANK YOU MY DEAR PROFESSOR今日は言わせてくれことば上手な俺じゃないけどそっとそっと打ちあけましょう SORRY MY DEAR MOTHER SORRY MY DEAR FATH
14 11.Icon you can lie like a professor I don't got the time to put you on the stretcher(Stretcher) I am here and I
15 9.selfie#theinternetisforever aking out with your professor the internet is forever Naked with an Irish sweater the internet is forever
16 1.selfie#theinternetisforever aking out with your professor the internet is forever Naked with an Irish sweater the internet is forever
17 11.'86: How I Failed Ethics Mennonite professor For whom my skepticism didn't fly The first time I made mincemeat of the standard propositions Establishing a so-called mo ... r'd say— I'd not My Mennonite professor did concede I'd done the cour
18 1.No More Interviews akes are my biggest professors and learning life lessons I realize it ain't what you have it's what you f
19 30.My Back Pages ow. A self-ordained professor's tongue Too serious to fool Spouted out that liberty Is just equality in s
20 4.I Bought A Gun(Feat. Nemo Achida) ath the guidance of professor Unschooled hard knocks love a tall Glock The big hand or a barrell When you

21 2.Denounce burden of proof. A professorship of theology has no place in our institution. Prove his existence or den
22 2.Redesign Your Logo(Bonus Track) ial couples Atheist professors Government employees Xenophobes and racists Private aviators Everyone will
23 1.Celestial Downpour Lizard Professor-Eccentricity1.Celestial Downpour The obstacles we break Are fortifi
24 2.Offthewallogy Lizard Professor-Eccentricity2.Offthewallogy The colors... Oh the horror. All expens
25 3.Eccentricity Lizard Professor-Eccentricity3.Eccentricity You ask of me creativity. You fail to se
26 4.Diving Upwards Lizard Professor-Eccentricity4.Diving Upwards Come now feel me breathe. A paradox sh
27 5.Simply Complex Lizard Professor-Eccentricity5.Simply Complex Blame… We cast away oh so conveniently
28 6.Ultima(Nigh) Lizard Professor-Eccentricity6.Ultima(Nigh) We have only yet begun. This time we've
29 7.Equations Of Dismay Lizard Professor-Eccentricity7.Equations Of Dismay Unrelenting streams of collapsing
30 8.Consequence Of Thought Lizard Professor-Eccentricity8.Consequence Of Thought Now the realm is for the takin
31 9.Philosoraptor Lizard Professor-Eccentricity9.Philosoraptor Smoothing little stones sinking down be
32 7.Verbal Combat g knowledge I'm the professor Teaching class at college Praises be to Run-DMC Anthrax Chuck D And Public
33 17.X-Men l up like Professor X and I got my grey jeans on I ride up like Iceman I hop out like Sabertooth I come through like Rouge boy I ain't finna p ... ne Storm Magneto Pull up like Professor X and I got my grey jeans on I ride up like Iceman I hop out like Sabertooth I come through like Rouge boy I ain't finna p ... ne Storm Magneto Pull up like Professor X and I got my grey jeans on
34 23.My Life o crossover fast as Professor As the aggressor save ya questions for after the lecture I want those Tribe
35 2.Break the Law r smarter than your professor Hoes I don't stress her put a bitch down like Old Yeller The flow's stellar
36 2.Neighborhood Scientists whip it up like I'm Professor Klump My niggas? Got em out the slums Pass a hundred to the bums Living lif
37 3.Say So fat like I made it(professor)? These bitches they singin' like Gerald Levert Sippin' on mud like it came
38 12.Dam(Feat. Left Brain) ctures Like college professors Stack green I got flow You can't store in canteens I'm the man I'm the sun
39 9.Budget iscussion I'm not a professor but I'm saying fuck a budget Budget I don't do the budget Louis leggings fu
40 12.Pocket Watcher Valley trap school professor and I flunk ya I was a youngster cocaine[?] She be having nightmares I'm a
41 2.Fat Pockets got the mumps like Professor Klump Gucci on the run put a shorty in a slump I'm in the barn so the front
42 5.Money Stacks I won't scratch ya Professor teaching lectures Bet the poor love this semester Might learn something if
43 18.Sento Le Sirene ssuno' mi diceva il professore Sgommata sotto casa clacson BMW Amici dicono:'Che fai Fabri? Salta su' Via
44 1.Lay Up(feat. Wordsplayed) Look shawty I'm the professor get the lab coat I speak two languages Spanglish and infact-os Coach told m
45 6.How to Breathe Underwater etter off a Harvard professor My money's marketed better than stock market investors You're at the Walmar

46 1.Big Racks pockets swole Nutty Professor it If it came'cross my table we dealt with it I need me at least2 like I'm
47 9.Sugarcube you' She said'I'm a professor I teach math' I said'I'm not surprised it seems like you got class Can you
48 8.Sky Sharks(feat. Prof. Elemental) ver there Professor do you have a lighter? Professor: Oh yes I've got one here the
49 5.Million„r Ft. Die Prinzen n weder Doktor noch Professor aber ich bin stinkend faul Ich habe keine reiche Freundin und keinen reiche
50 1.Fiesta(Remix) a Teach game sensei professor Will Smith estrella the fresh one Levantanse fiesta![Coro: Bomba Estéreo] F
51 7.Red Alert nterlude] Professor X calling! Red Alert! Red Alert! Mayday! Mayday! Hurry! The ... t! Mayday! Mayday! Hurry! The Professor needs us! But who dare threat
52 14.Igloo Music Black star planet X professor Eastern philosophy knowledge lord chiefer playin' four violins Exchangin' k
53 15.Seismoluminesence ous relic Phonology professor articulating phonetics Participating for credit if nothing else just to sen
54 1.Pitagora nza libri Professore Pitagora Pitagora Se uomo sensato sei tu Impara il mio sistema Il nuovo teorema Per ogni problema d'amor La somma dei cat ... a cuore S'impara senza libri Professore Pitagora Pitagora Se uomo se
55 3.Twinz[Feat. FatJoe] olice ask us Street professors Terror Squad ghetto scholars Fill the clips off inflicts the fear of God w
56 8.Corplantationopoly don't quit[Verse2- Professor Griff:] Manipulate thought Bait and switch Mind corp Caught but never taugh
57 5.Get Down stered by engineers Professors who receive masters it's degrees Certain things you must achieve'fore you
58 2.Bleib In Der Schule ohne den Worten von Professoren zu horchen Sind wir Idioten geworden Wie fahr' ich nur ohne binomische Fo
59 6.Fantasie Pt.1 in Auf einmal rollt Professor X in seinem Rollstuhl rein Und ich denk:'Wow wer ist diese Frau? Das istJea
60 2.Luigi ith slime Professor Elvin needs my helpin' in the valley of Evershade I collect in a clever way because I'm never paid ... er way because I'm never paid Professor prefers the paranormal always
61 8.Clue n' russians Plums a professor ladies confess their Sins while he grins and begins to undress her If you'r
62 9.Handsome& Wealthy a nigga cook like a professor I don't know how you feel can you tell me I won't know how you feel'til you
63 11.Handsome and Wealthy a nigga cook like a professor? I don't know how you feel can you tell me I won't know how you feel'til yo
64 10.Screen Door all me the street's professor I came here to give a lecture Wintertime month that sweater Matchin' the Ma
65 17.In My Hands n fat call me Nutty Professor And I got your life in my hands The block so hot it need a fan Gotta keep a
66 15.Paper Problems(feat. Young Thug head like the damn professor Red bottom pumps like Cinderella Red bottom pumps like Cinderella Butt nake
67 13.Time To Get Paid the formula like a professor Hit it with the'beat it beat it beat it' Ain't BG anybody get it Blood in w
68 9.500 Bars aufmännisch Deutsch-Professoren fragen Wirklich? Der ist ausländisch? Bange dich Hänger wann willst du Pe
69 6.Bitcoin Beezy so now she call me professor[Verse6: Wrekonize] Lecture lassie like I'm lira lector Dropping tokens in h
70 11.Hope ft.JTronius ck it like Dilla or Professor Xavier I'll let my students know they're not mutants And redirect them from
71 11.Dollar Store I'm back in2012 my professors could've used me So I make up for this music I be writing till I'm oozy I'
72 2.Almost Like the Blues w So says the great professor Of all there is to know But I've had the invitation That a sinner can't ref
73 1.I Need Church Professor Green-Growing Up In Public1.I Need Church[Verse1] I'm more than one
74 2.Dead Man's Shoes Professor Green-Growing Up In Public2.Dead Man's Shoes(feat.James Craise)[Verse1- ... r>(feat.James Craise)[Verse1- Professor Green] I want me a Vegas girl I don't like the song but I'd love me a Vegas girl How do I have the audacity to say this? I ... them dead man's shoes[Verse2- Professor Green:] I've had an idea who knows how We can raise the national IQ? I do Take every member of every reality TV show For a ... ng[Hook-James Craise][Verse3- Professor Green:
75 3.Lullaby Professor Green-Growing Up In Public3.Lullaby feat. Tori Kelly[Hook Tori Kelly] All the times I have layed in your life WhAn ... ng me a last lullaby?[Verse1: Professor Green] It's been a while since I last dreamt Barely remember what it's like to dream Finding it hard to get to sleep too s ... ing[Hook: Tori Kelly][Verse2: Professor Green] I've barely had any sleep when I get up Sick of all these nightmares and these night terrors Like it's only when I' ... ine[Hook:
76 4.Little Secrets Professor Green-Growing Up In Public4.Little Secrets(feat. Mr Probz)[Verse1- ... s(feat. Mr Probz)[Verse1- Professor Green] I felt like I was going crazy Thought I was losing my mind I did I even convinced myself it was all in my mind all ... d together in my mind[Verse2- Professor Green:] Did I ask too much of
77 5.Name In Lights Professor Green-Growing Up In Public5.Name In Lights(feat. Rizzle Kicks)[Intro] People always ask me how I write songs I tel ... n But I'm too tempted[Verse3- Professor Green:] I'm a bastard yep My
78 6.Fast Life Professor Green-Growing Up In Public6.Fast Life I just woke up next to this c
79 7.Can't Dance Without You Professor Green-Growing Up In Public7.Can't Dance Without You(feat. Whinnie Williams)[Verse1- ... at. Whinnie Williams)[Verse1- Professor Green] A little birdy told me that I need to clean up Remove the C the L the N and the A Then put a D after the E and that ... nna leave the shubs[Pre-Hook- Professor Green:] All I need now is somebody's daughter Nothing could put me in a foul moodJust lost3 quid on a bottle of water But ... making life feel good[Verse2- Profess
80 8.Not Your Man Professor Green-Growing Up In Public8.Not Your Man feat. Thabo[Intro Thabo] I gave you my everything guess that didn't mean ... I wish I could forget[Verse1: Professor Green] What you take me for? What you take me for? Gave you everything Yet you're still looking at me like I could've gave ... big as Dappy's?[Hook][Verse2: Professor Green] Playing a game that I'
81 9.In the Shadow of the Sun Professor Green-Growing Up In Public9.In the Shadow of the Sun They say that
82 10.Growing Up In Public Professor Green-Growing Up In Public10.Growing Up In Public Ahh mate A wise m
83 11.Not Your Man(Remix) Professor Green-Growing Up In Public11.Not Your Man(Remix) feat. Cas Dream Mclean& Thabo[Intro Thabo] I gave you my everythi ... I wish I could forget[Verse1: Professor Green] What you take me for?
84 11.Sein Song seinem Zimmer wie'n Professor kramt er im Plattenschrank Denn ab jetzt macht er Musik die wird so gut das
85 9.Jamba y up then nutty but Professor Nutty Buddy Clumpkin's petty when you touch his lunch Like'What the fuck? I
86 8.R.I.B.(Rest In Beer) ittle mad professor' Lucifer said to me'The humans gonna suffer!' R.I.B.- rest in beer! Soon my(soon my) idea(idea) Has taught mankind to fear ... - rest in beer!'My little mad professor' Lucifer said to me'The humans gonna suffer!' R.I.B.- rest in beer! Satan's choir: All the mortals shall obey me! I will d ... - rest in beer!'My little mad professor' Lucifer said to me'The human
87 11.Dear my pocket money I'm professor built Blood gang I fuck with crips Nigga I'm fuckin' dipped Glo Gang nigga
88 15.Luigi's Mansion come to my hut! I'm professor E. Gadd--stop scratching your butt. This mansion appeared in a big puff of
89 2.Duas De Cinco s crianças Que vê o professor em desespero na miséria Que no meio do caminho da educação havia uma pedra
90 4.The Devil is a Lie won't work we need professors If the keys won't turn you need direction What you work for son? Let the h
91 4.Crib In My Closet they call me nutty professor Do ya homework I run that ass in detention I call it done work now that's a
92 17.Breakthrough ial effects I'm the professor the teacher the hip-hop dean If Russia bombed the U.S. they'd be scared to
93 1.Mardi Gras Professor Longhair-Let's Go To New Orleans: The Sansu Sessions1.Mardi Gras Wh
94 3.Everyday I Have The Blues Professor Longhair-Let's Go To New Orleans: The Sansu Sessions3.Everyday I Have T
95 4.Mess Around Professor Longhair-Let's Go To New Orleans: The Sansu Sessions4.Mess Around A
96 9.Whole Lotta Lovin' Professor Longhair-Let's Go To New Orleans: The Sansu Sessions9.Whole Lotta Lovin
97 11.Stagger Lee Professor Longhair-Let's Go To New Orleans: The Sansu Sessions11.Stagger Lee(
98 15.Hey Little Girl Professor Longhair-Let's Go To New Orleans: The Sansu Sessions15.Hey Little Girl
99 9.The Professor& The Madman 9.The Professor& The Madman In my dreams I see your face Then I wake without a trace I hear all your songs Playing all day long I thou ... ut The madman's shame and the professor's name Is that it was all in vein The ... s that it was all in vein The professor and the madman Dead men tell
100 7.Thought They Knew l taught from y'all professors to hearing these frauds on records Talking reckless the record pool's shar

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