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wiz khalifapromises


nicki minajanaconda



1.夏のトカゲ 2.Save Your Days

sharifah ainilagu lagu pujaan

1.Suara Hati 2.Seri Dewi Malam 3.Tiada Yang Kekal(Melainkan Allah)
4.Kau Tinggi Di Awan Biru 5.Impian Tercapai 6.Percayalah
7.Teratai 8.Tiada Maaf Bagimu 9.Dondang Sayang
10.Kisah Yang Lalu 11.Kekasih Pujaan 12.Yang Mula Dan Akhir

neil diamondprimitive

1.Turn Around 2.Primitive 3.Fire On The Tracks
4.Brooklyn On A Saturday Night 5.Sleep With Me Tonight 6.Crazy
7.My Time With You 8.Love's Own Song 9.It's A Trip(Go For The Moon)
10.You Make It Feel Like Christmas 11.One By One



the temptationssolid rock

1.Take A Look Around 2.Ain't No Sunshine 3.Stop The War Now
4.What It Is ? 5.Smooth Sailing(From Now On) 6.Superstar(Remember How You Got Where You Are)
7.It's Summer(Single Version) 8.The End Of Our Road

onerepublicordinary human

1.Ordinary Human

chris brownnew flame

1.New Flame

siabig girls cry

1.Big Girls Cry

angus & julia stonegrizzly bear

1.Grizzly Bear

josh recordwide awake

1.Wide Awake

admiral pkallenavn


weird al yankovicmandatory fun

1.Handy 2.Lame Claim To Fame 3.Foil
4.Sports Song 5.Word Crimes 6.My Own Eyes
7.Now That's What I Call Polka ! 8.Mission Statement 9.Inactive
10.First World Problems 11.Tacky 12.Jackson Park Express

riff raffneon icon

1.Hart of Pain 2.Castles Around My Heart

maroon 5maps


sam smithin the lonely hour

1.La La La 2.Reminds Me of You 3.Make It To Me
4.Not In That Way 5.Lay Me Down 6.Restart
7.Latch 8.I've Told You Now 9.Like I Can
10.Life Support 11.Good Thing 12.Stay With Me
13.Leave Your Lover 14.I'm Not the Only One 15.Money On My Mind

linkin parkthe hunting party

1.Keys To The Kingdom(天國之鑰) 2.All For Nothing(feat. Page Hamilton)(徒勞無功) 3.Guilty All The Same(feat. Rakim)(眾人皆罪)
4.The Summoning(召喚) 5.War(戰爭) 6.Wastelands(荒地)
7.Until It's Gone(直到失去) 8.Rebellion(feat. Daron Malakian)(反抗) 9.Mark The Graves(標記墳墓)
10.Drawbar(feat. Tom Morello)(掛鉤) 11.Final Masquerade(最後化妝舞會) 12.A Line In The Sand(沙灘上的線條)

steve miller bandbrave new world

1.Brave New World 2.Celebration Song 3.Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat
4.Got Love 'cause You Need It 5.Kow Kow(Calqulator) 6.Seasons
7.Space Cowboy 8.Lt's Midnight Dream 9.My Dark Hour


1.War Of Worlds 2.Great Old Ones 3.French Bourree
4.Wake The Nightmares (Falling From Grace Pt.1)

the telephonesi'm in love with you

1.I'm In Love With You


1.ずっと 2.逢いたくていま 3.シャナナ☆
4.また明日... 5.let go feat. Matt Cab 6.ウィー・ファウンド・ラヴ feat. ☆Taku Takahashi
7.LOVE RAIN 8.ウェン・アイ・ワズ・ユア・ガール 9.好きだよ。~100回の後悔~
10.奏(かなで) 11.ビリーヴ 12.ずっと (SPICY CHOCOLATE REMIX)


1.Israel's Son 2.Blind 3.Faultline
4.Undecided 5.Cicada 6.Pure Massacre
7.Stoned 8.Tomorrow 9.Acid Rain
10.Suicidal Dream 11.Findaway 12.Shade
13.Leave Me Out 14.Madman

jennifer lopeza. k. a.

1.A. K. A. 2.First Love 3.Never Satisfied
4.I Luh Ya Papi 5.Acting Like That 6.Emotions
7.So Good 8.Let It Be Me 9.Worry No More
10.Booty 11.TENS 12.Troubeaux
13.Expertease(Ready Set Go)

kylie minoguecrystallize


jason mrazback to the earth

1.Back To The Earth

epmdbest of

1.Strictly Business 2.You Gots To Chill 3.I'm Housin'
4.So Wat Cha Sayin' 5.The Big Payback 6.Gold Digger
7.Rampage 8.Crossover(Album Version) 9.Head Banger
10.Da Joint(Album Version) 11.Symphony 2000

mary j. bligesuitcase




willie nelson(威利尼爾森)band of brothers

1.Bring It On 2.Guitar In The Corner 3.The Wall
4.Whenever You Come Around 5.Wives And Girlfriends 6.I Thought I Left You
7.Send Me A Picture 8.Used To Her 9.The Git Go

david guettalovers on the sun ep

1.Lovers On The Sun(feat. Sam Martin) 2.Blast Off(Radio Edit) 3.Bad(feat. Vassy)(Radio Edit)
4.Shot Me Down(feat. Skylar Grey)(Radio Edit)

xiu xiuunclouded sky

1.(Demerara) 2.Blood Of The Lamb 3.(Berbice)
4.I'll Fly Away 5.(Kaieteur) 6.Lonesome Valley
7.(Essequibo) 8.Wreck On The Highway 9.(Rupununi)
10.Church In The Wildwood 11.(Cuyuni) 12.Unclouded Sky
13.(Kanuku) 14.All Fo' You 15.(Guiana)
16.Let The Lower Lights Be Burning 17.(Pomeroon) 18.Just As I Am

klaxonsshow me a miracle

1.Show Me A Miracle

ed sheeranx - deluxe edition

1.One(唯一) 2.I'm A Mess(一塌糊塗) 3.Sing(歡唱)
4.Don't(不要) 5.Nina(妮娜) 6.Photograph(照片)
7.Bloodstream(血液) 8.Tenerife Sea(特內里費島海岸) 9.Runaway(逃離)
10.The Man(那個男人) 11.Thinking Out Loud(自言自語) 12.Afire Love(炙熱的愛)
13.Take It Back(收回去) 14.Shirtsleeves(襯衫袖子) 15.Even My Dad Does Sometimes(我爸有時也會這樣)
16.I See Fire(看見火焰)

ghost townthe after party

1.Acid 2.I'm Weird 3.Carnival
4.That's Unusual(Jump) 5.You're So Creepy 6.Under Wraps
7.Black Moon 8.Hocus Pocus 9.Dracula
10.W.F.F. 11.I'm A Disaster

dami imsuper love

1.Super Love(Acoustic)

the walls grouplove on the radio - ep

1.Love On The Radio 2.Satisfied 3.Perfect People
4.Anything And Everything

5 seconds of summerdon't stop

1.Don't Stop


1.Alexia 2.Multidao 3.Do Mesmo Jeito
4.Aniversario 5.Ela Me Deixou 6.Esquecimento
7.Periplo 8.Rio Beautiful 9.Galapagos
10.A Noite 11.Tudo Isso

jack whitelazaretto

1.Three Women 2.Lazaretto 3.Temporary Ground
4.Would You Fight For My Love ? 5.High Ball Stepper 6.Just One Drink
7.Alone In My Home 8.Entitlement 9.That Black Bat Licorice
10.I Think I Found The Culprit 11.Want And Able

collie buddzlight it up(remix bundle)

1.Light It Up(Ricky Blaze Remix) 2.Light It Up(KE Remix) 3.Light It Up(Refresh Mix)
4.Light It Up(Jtraxx Latin Mix) 5.Light It Up(Soca Party Mix)

troye sivanthe fault in our stars(mmxiv)

1.The Fault In Our Stars(MMXIV)

la barraa toda fiesta

1.De Fiesta 2.Y Si Yo Te Quiero 3.Mueve Lo Que Tenga
4.Amor Infiel 5.Los Poderes 6.Mentirosa
7.Como Le Explico 8.No Llores Por Ella 9.El Gran Varon
10.La Pena De Quererte 11.Sufriendo, Llorando 12.Para Ti
13.Que Delirio 14.Mi Universo 15.Nada De Ti
16.Luchare 17.Agua, Fuego Y Viento 18.Secreto
19.La Copa De La Vida 20.No Podras Olvidarme

dj skorptouche a rien

1.Touche A Rien

nathanielyou're beautiful

1.You're Beautiful(Matt Watkins Remix)

m.ofor a minute(features ep)

1.For a Minute(feat. Sneakbo) 2.For a Minute(feat. K Koke) 3.For a Minute(feat. Scrufizzer)
4.On Ya

joyce manorschley


aleks syntekeste amor que pudo ser

1.Este Amor Que Pudo Ser

playmobilleda boca pra fora

1.Amor Barato 2.Direito De Escolha 3.A Danca
4.Quase 5.Cara De Deus 6.Bailarina

brett dennenout of my head(summer mix)

1.Out Of My Head(Summer Mix)

henry mendezcomo lluvia

1.Como Lluvia 2.Como Lluvia(XTM Radio Mix)

kalin and myleschase dreams

1.No Ordinary Girl 2.Got You 3.Love Robbery
4.Nobody But You 5.Feel Like Party'n 6.Go To Work
7.Do My Step

the antlersfamiliars

1.Palace 2.Doppelganger 3.Hotel
4.Intruders 5.Director 6.Revisited
7.Parade 8.Surrender 9.Refuge

ne-yo(尼歐)money can't buy

1.Money Can't Buy(feat. Young Jeezy)

lady gagapartynauseous


sigur rosagaetis byrjun

1.Ny Batteri 2.Ágætis Byrjun 3.Svefn-g-englar
4.Intro 5.Starálfur 6.Flugufrelsarinn
7.Hjartað hamast (bamm bamm bamm) 8.Viðrar vel til loftárása 9.Olsen Olsen

sarah mclachlanshine on

1.In Your Shoes 2.Flesh And Blood 3.Monsters
4.Broken Heart 5.Surrender And Certainty 6.Song For My Father
7.Turn The Lights Down Low 8.Love Beside Me 9.Brink Of Destruction
10.Beautiful Girl 11.The Sound That Love Makes 12.What's It Gonna Take
13.Little B

coldplayghost stories

1.Always In My Head(不曾遺忘) 2.Magic(魔法) 3.Ink(印記)
4.True Love(真愛) 5.Midnight(午夜) 6.Another's Arms(別人的臂膀)
7.Oceans(海洋) 8.A Sky Full Of Stars(繁星) 9.O

ushergood kisser

1.Good Kisser

john mayerxo


the rootswhen the people cheer

1.When The People Cheer

echo & the bunnymenlovers on the run

1.Lovers On The Run

50 centwinners circle

1.Winners Circle

lily allensheezus special edition

1.Sheezus(怪怪女教主) 2.L8 CMMR(持久先生) 3.Air Balloon(氣球)
4.Our Time(趴踢時光) 5.Insincerely Yours(惺惺作態) 6.Take My Place(取代我)
7.As Long As I Got You(只要有你) 8.Close Your Eyes(閉上雙眼) 9.URL Badman(終極駭客)
10.Silver Spoon(銀湯匙) 11.Life For Me(我的人生) 12.Hard Out Here(生存之道)
13.Wind Your Neck In(給我注意一點) 14.Who Do You Love ?(你愛誰) 15.Miserable Without Your Love(愛的苦痛)
16.Holding On To Nothing(無謂的執著) 17.Somewhere Only We Know(秘密基地)

frankie valli & the four seasons(法蘭基維里與四季合唱團)the definitive pop collection

1.Sherry(2006 Remastered) 2.Big Girls Don't Cry(2006 Remastered) 3.Walk Like A Man(2006 Remastered)
4.Candy Girl(2006 Remastered) 5.Marlena(2006 Remastered) 6.Stay(2006 Remastered)
7.Dawn Go Away(2006 Remastered) 8.Silence Is Golden(2006 Remastered) 9.Ronnie(2006 Remastered)
10.Rag Doll(2006 Remastered) 11.Save It For Me(2006 Remastered) 12.Big Man In Town(2006 Remastered)
13.Bye Bye Baby(Baby Goodbye)(2006 Remastered) 14.Girl Come Running(2006 Remastered) 15.Don't Think Twice(It's Alright)
16.Let's Hang On(2006 Remastered) 17.The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine(Anymore)(2006 Remastered) 18.Working My Way Back To You(2006 Remastered)
19.Opus 17(Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)(2006 Remastered) 20.I've Got You Under My Skin(2006 Remastered) 21.Tell It To The Rain(2006 Remastered)
22.Beggin'(2006 Remastered) 23.Can't Take My Eyes Off You(2006 Remastered) 24.C'mon Marianne(2006 Remastered)
25.Will You Love Me Tomorrow ?(2006 Remastered) 26.My Eyes Adored You(2006 Remastered) 27.Swearin' To God(2006 Remastered)(Single Version)
28.Who Loves You(2006 Remastered) 29.December, 1963(Oh What A Night !)(2006 Remastered) 30.Grease(2006 Remastered)

chris tomlinwaterfall


birdytee shirt

1.Tee Shirt

first aid kitcedar lane

1.Cedar Lane

hunter hayesstoryline

1.Wild Card 2.Storyline 3.Still Fallin
4.Tattoo 5.Invisible 6.... Interlude
7.You Think You Know Somebody 8.Flashlight 9.When Did You Stop Loving Me
10.... Like I Was Saying(Jam) 11.Secret Love 12.Nothing Like Starting Over
13.If It's Just Me 14.Love Too Much

erol alkanillumination

1.A Hold On Love(Tom Trago's Tokyo Mix) 2.Bang!(Emperor Machine Extended) 3.Check Out Your Mind(U Version)
4.Bang!(Beau Wanzer Adjustment)

the magic numbersa shot in the dark

1.Shot In The Dark

wingerthe very best of winger

1.On The Inside New Version 2.Blind Revolution Mad 3.Down Incognito
4.Spell I'm Under 5.Who's The One 6.Junkyard Dog(Tears On Stone)
7.Hell To Pay Outtake 8.Can't Get Enough 9.Under One Condition
10.Easy Come Easy Go 11.Rainbow In The Rose 12.Miles Away
13.Seventeen 14.Madalaine 15.Hungry
16.Headed For A Heartbreak

lykke lii never learn

1.I Never Learn 2.No Rest For The Wicked 3.Just Like A Dream
4.Silver Line 5.Gunshot 6.Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone
7.Never Gonna Love Again 8.Heart Of Steel 9.Sleeping Alone

diane birchspeak a little louder

1.Speak A Little Louder 2.Lighthouse 3.All The Love You Got
4.Tell Me Tomorrow 5.Superstars 6.Pretty In Pain
7.Love And War 8.Frozen Over 9.Diamonds In The Dust
10.Unfkd 11.It Plays On

buffalo killersheavy reverie

1.Poison Berry Tide 2.Dig On In 3.This Girl Has Grown
4.Cousin Todd 5.Sandbox 6.Who You Are ?
7.Grape Peel(How I Feel) 8.Louder Than Your Lips 9.Shake

christopher owensstephen


la rouxuptight downtown

1.Uptight Downtown

ricky martinvida

1.Vida(Spanglish Version)


1.Hydra 2.St. George And The Dragon 3.99
4.Lorraine 5.All Us Boys 6.Mama
7.White Sister 8.A Secret Love

percy sledgewhen a man loves a woman

1.When A Man Loves A Woman

status quopildriver

1.A Year 2.All The Reasons 3.Big Fat Mama
4.Don't Waste My Time 5.Oh Baby 6.Paper Plane
7.Roadhouse Blues 8.Unspoken Words

sky ferreiranight time, my time

1.Boys 2.Ain't Your Right 3.24 Hours
4.Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) 5.I Blame Myself 6.Omanko
7.You're Not the One 8.Heavy Metal Heart 9.Christine
10.I Will 11.Love in Stereo 12.Night Time, My Time

tilesoff the floor

1.Modification 2.Landscrape 3.Token Pledge
4.Capture the Flag 5.Changing the Guard 6.Segue / Window Dressing
7.Dragons, Dreams & Darling Deeds 8.Dress Rehearsal 9.Hide in My Shadow
10.A Minor Interlude 11.Checkerboards 12.The Wading Pool

toxic holocaustan overdose of death...

1.Wild Dogs 2.Nuke The Cross 3.Endless Armageddon
4.Future Shock 5.War Game 6.In The Name Of Science
7.March From Hell 8.Gravelord 9.War Is Hell
10.The Lord Of The Wasteland 11.Feedback, Blood & Distortion 12.Death From Above
13.City Of A Million Graves

septic fleshophidian wheel

1.The Future Belongs to the Brave 2.The Ophidian Wheel 3.Phallic Litanies
4.Razor Blades of Guilt 5.Tartarus 6.On the Topmost Step of the Earth
7.Microcosmos 8.Geometry in Static 9.Shamanic Rite
10.Heaven Below 11.Enchantment 12.The Ophidian Wheel (Unreleased Mix)
13.Phallic Litanies (Unreleased Mix) 14.On the Topmost Step of the Earth (Unreleased Mix)

rie sinclairon the 5th floor

1.There's Always Something 2.Best Of My Life 3.Carry Me Home
4.Falling Star 5.I Will Give 6.Not Going Anywhere
7.Time Again 8.Twilight Serenade

cris cabwhere i belong

1.The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again 2.Liar Liar 3.Long Weekend
4.Fables 5.Loves Me Not 6.Paradise(On Earth)
7.Where I Belong 8.The Truth 9.Ticket
10.All I Need Is You 11.Goodbye 12.Good Girls(Bonus Track)

john fruscianteenclosure

1.Shining Desert 2.Sleep 3.Run
4.Stage 5.Fanfare 6.Clinch
7.Zone 8.Crowded 9.Excuses

sonata arcticapariah's child

1.X Marks the Spot 2.Love 3.Larger Than Life
4.Take One Breath 5.Cloud Factory 6.Blood
7.What Did You Do in the War, Dad? 8.Half a Marathon Man 9.The Wolves Die Young
10.Running Lights

dan fogelbergthe essential

1.Phoenix 2.Sweet Magnolia(And the Travelling Salesman) 3.The Language Of Love
4.Part Of The Plan 5.Same Old Lang Syne 6.Run For The Roses
7.Illinois 8.Nether Lands 9.There's A Place In The World For A Gambler
10.Tucson, Arizona(Gazette) 11.Beggar's Game 12.Heart Hotels
13.Believe In Me 14.She Don't Look Back 15.Nexus
16.Make Love Stay(Single Version) 17.Seeing You Again 18.Hard To Say
19.Missing You(Single Version) 20.As The Raven Flies 21.A Love Like This
22.Longer 23.Rhythm Of The Rain 24.Magic Every Moment
25.The Power Of Gold 26.Lonely In Love 27.To The Morning
28.Leader Of The Band / Washington Post March

abbaabba gold anniversary edition

1.Dancing Queen 2.Knowing Me, Knowing You 3.Take A Chance On Me
4.Mamma Mia 5.Lay All Your Love On Me 6.Super Trouper
7.I Have A Dream 8.The Winner Takes It All 9.Money, Money, Money
10.S.O.S.Album Version 11.Chiquitita 12.Fernando
13.Voulez - Vous 14.Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme !(A Man After Midnight) 15.Does Your Mother Know
16.One Of Us 17.The Name Of The Game 18.Thank You For The Music
19.WaterlooEnglish Version 20.Summer Night City 21.Angel Eyes
22.The Day Before You Came 23.EagleShort Version 24.I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
25.So Long 26.Honey, Honey 27.The Visitors
28.Our Last Summer 29.On And On And On 30.Ring Ring(English Version)
31.I Wonder(Departure) 32.Lovelight(Original Version) 33.Head Over Heels
34.When I Kissed The Teacher 35.I Am The City 36.Cassandra
37.Under Attack 38.When All Is Said And Done 39.The Way Old Friends Do(Live At Wembley Arena, London, England / 1979)
40.She's My Kind Of Girl 41.I Am Just A Girl 42.Gonna Sing You My Love Song
43.King Kong Song 44.I've Been Waiting For You 45.Rock Me
46.Man In The Middle 47.Intermezzo No. 1 48.That's Me
49.Crazy World 50.Happy Hawaii 51.I'm A Marionette
52.Medley:Pick A Bale Of Cotton 53.Kisses Of Fire 54.The King Has Lost His Crown
55.Elaine 56.The Piper 57.Andante, Andante
58.Should I Laugh Or Cry 59.Soldiers

bob welchbob welch

1.Two To Do 2.Remember 3.Bend Me, Shape Me
4.That's What We Said 5.If You Think You Know How To Love Me 6.It's What Ya Don't Say
7.You Can't Do That 8.Secrets 9.Imaginary Fool
10.To My Heart Again 11.Drive

the usedimaginary enemy

1.Kenna Song 2.Force Without Violence 3.Overdose
4.Make Believe 5.Evolution 6.Imaginary Enemy
7.El-Oh-Vee-Ee 8.A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work in Progress) 9.Generation Throwaway
10.Revolution 11.Cry

keyshia colenext time(won't give my heart away)

1.Next Time(Won't Give My Heart Away)

bloc partythe nextwave sessions(ep)

1.Ratchet 2.Obscene 3.French Exit
4.Montreal 5.Children Of The Future

the saturdaysnot giving up

1.Not Giving Up(Extended 12' Version) 2.Bigger 3.Not Giving Up(Cahill Remix Radio Edit)
4.Not Giving Up(TKNIK Radio Edit) 5.What About Us(Acoustic Live From Transmitter Studios / 2014)

neon treespicture show

1.Moving In The Dark 2.Teenage Sounds 3.Everybody Talks
4.Mad Love 5.Weekend 6.Lessons In Love(All Day, All Night)
7.Trust 8.Close To You 9.Hooray For Hollywood
10.Still Young 11.I Am The D .J. 12.Show
13.Tell Me You Love Me 14.Take Me For A Ride

christina perrihead or heart

1.Trust 2.Burning Gold 3.Be My Forever(feat. Ed Sheeran)
4.Human 5.One Night 6.I Dont Wanna Break
7.Sea Of Lovers 8.The Words 9.Lonely Child
10.Run 11.Butterfly 12.Shot Me In The Heart
13.I Believe

lana del rey(拉娜德芮)west coast

1.West Coast

rita orai will never let you down

1.I Will Never Let You Down


1.Tempest 2.The Wheel 3.Artifice
4.Bloodflows 5.Ransom Notes 6.Paralysed
7.Fool 8.Lights 9.Veto
10.Lessons 11.Tremors


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