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sam smithin the lonely hour

1.La La La 2.Reminds Me of You 3.Make It To Me
4.Not In That Way 5.Lay Me Down 6.Restart
7.Latch 8.I've Told You Now 9.Like I Can
10.Life Support 11.Good Thing 12.Stay With Me
13.Leave Your Lover 14.I'm Not the Only One 15.Money On My Mind


1.Hydra 2.St. George And The Dragon 3.99
4.Lorraine 5.All Us Boys 6.Mama
7.White Sister 8.A Secret Love

tilesoff the floor

1.Modification 2.Landscrape 3.Token Pledge
4.Capture the Flag 5.Changing the Guard 6.Segue / Window Dressing
7.Dragons, Dreams & Darling Deeds 8.Dress Rehearsal 9.Hide in My Shadow
10.A Minor Interlude 11.Checkerboards 12.The Wading Pool

toxic holocaustan overdose of death...

1.Wild Dogs 2.Nuke The Cross 3.Endless Armageddon
4.Future Shock 5.War Game 6.In The Name Of Science
7.March From Hell 8.Gravelord 9.War Is Hell
10.The Lord Of The Wasteland 11.Feedback, Blood & Distortion 12.Death From Above
13.City Of A Million Graves

septic fleshophidian wheel

1.The Future Belongs to the Brave 2.The Ophidian Wheel 3.Phallic Litanies
4.Razor Blades of Guilt 5.Tartarus 6.On the Topmost Step of the Earth
7.Microcosmos 8.Geometry in Static 9.Shamanic Rite
10.Heaven Below 11.Enchantment 12.The Ophidian Wheel (Unreleased Mix)
13.Phallic Litanies (Unreleased Mix) 14.On the Topmost Step of the Earth (Unreleased Mix)

cris cabwhere i belong

1.The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again 2.Liar Liar 3.Long Weekend
4.Fables 5.Loves Me Not 6.Paradise(On Earth)
7.Where I Belong 8.The Truth 9.Ticket
10.All I Need Is You 11.Goodbye 12.Good Girls(Bonus Track)

john fruscianteenclosure

1.Shining Desert 2.Sleep 3.Run
4.Stage 5.Fanfare 6.Clinch
7.Zone 8.Crowded 9.Excuses

dan fogelbergthe essential

1.Phoenix 2.Sweet Magnolia(And the Travelling Salesman) 3.The Language Of Love
4.Part Of The Plan 5.Same Old Lang Syne 6.Run For The Roses
7.Illinois 8.Nether Lands 9.There's A Place In The World For A Gambler
10.Tucson, Arizona(Gazette) 11.Beggar's Game 12.Heart Hotels
13.Believe In Me 14.She Don't Look Back 15.Nexus
16.Make Love Stay(Single Version) 17.Seeing You Again 18.Hard To Say
19.Missing You(Single Version) 20.As The Raven Flies 21.A Love Like This
22.Longer 23.Rhythm Of The Rain 24.Magic Every Moment
25.The Power Of Gold 26.Lonely In Love 27.To The Morning
28.Leader Of The Band / Washington Post March

abbaabba gold anniversary edition

1.Dancing Queen 2.Knowing Me, Knowing You 3.Take A Chance On Me
4.Mamma Mia 5.Lay All Your Love On Me 6.Super Trouper
7.I Have A Dream 8.The Winner Takes It All 9.Money, Money, Money
10.S.O.S.Album Version 11.Chiquitita 12.Fernando
13.Voulez - Vous 14.Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme !(A Man After Midnight) 15.Does Your Mother Know
16.One Of Us 17.The Name Of The Game 18.Thank You For The Music
19.WaterlooEnglish Version 20.Summer Night City 21.Angel Eyes
22.The Day Before You Came 23.EagleShort Version 24.I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
25.So Long 26.Honey, Honey 27.The Visitors
28.Our Last Summer 29.On And On And On 30.Ring Ring(English Version)
31.I Wonder(Departure) 32.Lovelight(Original Version) 33.Head Over Heels
34.When I Kissed The Teacher 35.I Am The City 36.Cassandra
37.Under Attack 38.When All Is Said And Done 39.The Way Old Friends Do(Live At Wembley Arena, London, England / 1979)
40.She's My Kind Of Girl 41.I Am Just A Girl 42.Gonna Sing You My Love Song
43.King Kong Song 44.I've Been Waiting For You 45.Rock Me
46.Man In The Middle 47.Intermezzo No. 1 48.That's Me
49.Crazy World 50.Happy Hawaii 51.I'm A Marionette
52.Medley:Pick A Bale Of Cotton 53.Kisses Of Fire 54.The King Has Lost His Crown
55.Elaine 56.The Piper 57.Andante, Andante
58.Should I Laugh Or Cry 59.Soldiers

bob welchbob welch

1.Two To Do 2.Remember 3.Bend Me, Shape Me
4.That's What We Said 5.If You Think You Know How To Love Me 6.It's What Ya Don't Say
7.You Can't Do That 8.Secrets 9.Imaginary Fool
10.To My Heart Again 11.Drive

the usedimaginary enemy

1.Kenna Song 2.Force Without Violence 3.Overdose
4.Make Believe 5.Evolution 6.Imaginary Enemy
7.El-Oh-Vee-Ee 8.A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work in Progress) 9.Generation Throwaway
10.Revolution 11.Cry

keyshia colenext time(won't give my heart away)

1.Next Time(Won't Give My Heart Away)

bloc partythe nextwave sessions(ep)

1.Ratchet 2.Obscene 3.French Exit
4.Montreal 5.Children Of The Future

onerepubliclove runs out

1.Love Runs Out

the saturdaysnot giving up

1.Not Giving Up(Extended 12' Version) 2.Bigger 3.Not Giving Up(Cahill Remix Radio Edit)
4.Not Giving Up(TKNIK Radio Edit) 5.What About Us(Acoustic Live From Transmitter Studios / 2014)

neon treespicture show

1.Moving In The Dark 2.Teenage Sounds 3.Everybody Talks
4.Mad Love 5.Weekend 6.Lessons In Love(All Day, All Night)
7.Trust 8.Close To You 9.Hooray For Hollywood
10.Still Young 11.I Am The D .J. 12.Show
13.Tell Me You Love Me 14.Take Me For A Ride

christina perrihead or heart

1.Trust 2.Burning Gold 3.Be My Forever(feat. Ed Sheeran)
4.Human 5.One Night 6.I Dont Wanna Break
7.Sea Of Lovers 8.The Words 9.Lonely Child
10.Run 11.Butterfly 12.Shot Me In The Heart
13.I Believe

ed sheeransing


lana del rey(拉娜德芮)west coast

1.West Coast

rita orai will never let you down

1.I Will Never Let You Down


1.Tempest 2.The Wheel 3.Artifice
4.Bloodflows 5.Ransom Notes 6.Paralysed
7.Fool 8.Lights 9.Veto
10.Lessons 11.Tremors

john newmanout of my head(club edit)

1.Out Of My Head(Club Edit)


1.Pass Me By 2.(I Can't) Forget About You 3.Ain't No Way We're Goin' Home
4.I Want U Bad 5.If I Can't Be with You 6.Love Me Like That
7.One Last Dance 8.Loud 9.Fallin' For You
10.Cali Girls 11.Here Comes Forever 12.Wishing I Was 23

august alsinakissin' on my tattoos

1.Kissin' On My Tattoos

paul woolforduntitled(call out your name)

1.Untitled(Call Out Your Name) 2.Untitled(Call Out Your Name)(Scuba Remix) 3.Untitled(Call Out Your Name)(Deetron Remix)

blackfootflyin' high

1.Feelin' Good 2.Flyin' High 3.Try A Little Harder
4.Stranger On The Road 5.Save Your Time 6.Dancin' Man
7.Island Of Life 8.Junkie's Dream 9.Madness


1.Jealous(I Ain't With It)(The Chainsmokers Remix)

sick puppiesconnect

1.Die To Save You 2.There's No Going Back(Explicit Version) 3.Walking Away
4.Gunfight 5.Poison 6.Where Did The Time Go
7.Telling Lies 8.Connect 9.Run
10.The Trick The Devil Did 11.Healing Now 12.Under A Very Black Sky

sage the geminiremember me

1.Down On Your Luck

stacy barthewar iv love

1.War IV Love

elevation worshipraised to life

1.Raised To Life 2.Unstoppable God 3.Jesus I Come(Live)

widespread panicthe essential

1.Travelin' Light 2.Chilly Water 3.Driving Song
4.Walkin'(For Your Love) 5.Love Tractor 6.C. Brown
7.Weight Of The World 8.Hatfield 9.Wondering
10.Papa's Home 11.Ain't Life Grand 12.Pleas
13.Fishwater 14.And It Stoned Me 15.Hope In A Hopeless World
16.Aunt Avis 17.Rebirtha 18.Climb To Safety
19.All Time Low 20.Cream Puff War 21.Surprise Valley
22.Disco(Live) 23.Tall Boy(Live) 24.Send Your Mind(Live)
25.Pigeons(Live) 26.Blue Indian(Live) 27.Pickin' Up The Pieces(Live)
28.Space Wrangler(Live)


1.Cross The Line 2.Starlight 3.Dawn Of Your Creation
4.The Northern End 5.Incarnation 6.Run Amok
7.Unholy Deterrent 8.Sunrise In Hell 9.Salvation
10.A Divine Comedy

savage messiahthe fateful dark

1.The Fateful Dark 2.Zero Hour 3.Hammered Down
4.Scavengers of Mercy 5.The Cursed Earth 6.Hellblazer
7.Live as One Already Dead 8.Iconocaust 9.Minority of One
10.Cross of Babylon


1.Partition(Explicit Version)

lady gagabrooklyn nights

1.Brooklyn Nights

todd rundgrena wizard a true star

1.International Feel 2.Never Never Land 3.Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off
4.You Need Your Head 5.Rock And Roll Pussy 6.Dogfight Giggle
7.You Don't Have To Camp Around 8.Flamingo 9.Zen Archer
10.Just Another Onionhead 11.Da Da Dali 12.When The Shit Hits The Fan - Sunset Blvd.
13.Le Feel Internacionale 14.Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel 15.Does Anybody Love You?
16.I'm So Proud 17.Ooh Baby Baby 18.La La Means I Love You
19.Cool Jerk 20.Hungry For Love 21.I Don't Want To Tie You Down
22.Is It My Name? 23.Just One Victory

the strypessnapshot

1.Heart of the City 2.Hometown Girls 3.What a Shame
4.You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover 5.Perfect Storm 6.I Can Tell (Live At King Tuts, Glasgow / 2013)
7.C C Rider (Live At King Tuts, Glasgow / 2013) 8.Angel Eyes 9.Mystery Man
10.Blue Collar Jane 11.I'm a Hog For You Baby 12.What the People Don't See
13.She's So Fine 14.I Can Tell 15.Rollin' and Tumblin'
16.Beautiful Delilah

sara evansslow me down

1.Good Love Is Hard to Find 2.Better Off 3.I Gotta Have You
4.Revival 5.Put My Heart Down 6.Can't Stop Loving You
7.You Never Know 8.If I Run 9.Sweet Spot
10.Slow Me Down 11.Not Over You

sawyer brownthe dirt road

1.Ain't That Always The Way 2.Another Trip To The Well 3.Burnin' Bridges (On A Rocky Road)
4.Dirt Road 5.Fire In The Rain 6.Ruby Red Shoes
7.Some Girls Do 8.Sometimes A Hero 9.Time and Love
10.When Twist Comes To Shout 11.The Walk

shakataknight birds

1.Night Birds

krewellaenjoy the ride

1.Enjoy The Ride(Armin Van Buuren Remix) 2.Enjoy The Ride(Vicetone Remix)

dolly partonlove is like a butterfly

1.Love Is Like A Butterfly 2.If I Cross Your Mind 3.My Eyes Can Only See You
4.Take Me Back 5.Blackie, Kentucky 6.Gettin' Happy
7.You're The One That Taught Me How To Swing 8.Highway Headin' South 9.Once Upon A Memory
10.Sacred Memories

sean paulfull frequency

1.Riot 2.Entertainment 2.0 3.Pornstar
4.Want Dem All 5.Hey Baby 6.Wickedest Style
7.Dangerous Ground 8.It's Your Life 9.Take It Low
10.Anyday 11.Lights On 12.Legacy
13.Other Side of Love 14.Turn It Up

sebastien tellierritournelle

1.La Ritournelle

these new puritansfield of reeds

1.The Way I Do 2.Fragment Two 3.The Light in Your Name
4.V (Island Song) 5.Spiral 6.Organ Eternal
7.Nothing Else 8.Dream 9.Field of Reeds

amy granttime again(live)

1.Lead Me On(Live) 2.Good For Me(Live) 3.Stay For A While(Live)
4.Takes A Little Time(Live) 5.Simple Things(Live) 6.Saved By Love(Live)
7.Out In The Open(Live) 8.Ask Me(Live) 9.After The Fire(Live)
10.In A Little While(Live) 11.Thy Word(Live) 12.Oh How The Years Go By(Live)
13.Baby, Baby(Live) 14.Eye To Eye(Live) 15.Every Heartbeat(Live)
16.Believe(Live) 17.I Will Remember You(Live) 18.In A Little While(2006 Studio Version)

jennifer lopezi luh ya papi

1.I Luh Ya Papi

chuck berry(查克貝瑞)concerto in b goode

1.Good Looking Woman 2.My Woman 3.It's Too Dark In There
4.Put Her Down 5.Concerto In B Goode



lynyrd skynyrdskynyrd's first:the complete muscle shoals album

1.Free Bird(Original Version) 2.One More Time(Original Version) 3.Gimme Three Steps(Original Version)
4.Was I Right Or Wrong(Album Version) 5.Preacher's Daughter(Album Version) 6.White Dove(Album Version)
7.Down South Jukin'(Album Version) 8.Wino(Original Version) 9.Simple Man(Original Version)
10.Trust(Original Version) 11.Comin' Home(Original Version) 12.The Seasons(Album Version)
13.Lend A Helpin' Hand(Album Version) 14.Things Goin' On(Original Version) 15.I Ain't The One(Original Version)
16.You Run Around(1998 Muscle Shoals Album Version) 17.Ain't Too Proud To Pray(1998 Muscle Shoals Album Version)

randy travishymns:17 timeless songs of faith

1.Blessed Assurance 2.How Great Thou Art 3.In The Garden
4.Softly And Tenderly 5.Nothing But The Blood 6.Shall We Gather At The River?
7.O, How I Love Jesus 8.I'll Fly Away 9.Peace In The Valley
10.The Unclouded Day 11.Room At The Cross For You 12.Precious Memories
13.He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 14.Since Jesus Came Into My Heart 15.Are You Washed In The Blood?
16.Precious Lord, Take My Hand 17.Just A Closer Walk With Thee

shakirashakira. - deluxe version

1.Dare(La La La)(敢不敢(啦啦啦)) 2.Can't Remember To Forget You(無法忘記你) 3.Empire(愛情帝國)
4.You Don't Care About Me(你不在乎我) 5.Cut Me Deep(feat. Magic!)(傷透我) 6.Spotlight(聚光燈)
7.Broken Record(跳針的唱片) 8.Medicine(feat. Blake Shelton)(解藥) 9.23(23 歲)
10.The One Thing(唯一的愛) 11.Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte(無法忘記你 - 西班牙文版) 12.Loca Por Ti(為你癡狂 - 西班牙文版)
13.La La La(啦啦啦) 14.Chasing Shadows(追逐身影) 15.That Way(就這樣吧)

therapy?infernal love(deluxe edition)

1.Epilepsy 2.Stories 3.A Moment Of Clarity
4.Jude The Obscene 5.Bowels Of Love 6.Misery
7.Bad Mother 8.Me Vs You 9.Loose
10.Diane 11.30 Seconds 12.Misery(Acoustic Version)
13.Die Laughing(Acoustic Version) 14.Screamager(Acoustic Version) 15.Jude The Obscene(Acoustic)
16.Loose(Acoustic) 17.30 Seconds(Acoustic) 18.Our Love Must Die
19.Nice Guys 20.Loose(Photek Remix) 21.Die Laughing(Live At Norwich University / 1995)
22.Nowhere(Live At Norwich University / 1995) 23.Unbeliever(Live At Norwich University / 1995) 24.Knives(Live At Norwich University / 1995)
25.Stories(Live At Norwich University / 1995) 26.Innocent X(Special Remix) 27.Disgracelands(Acoustic)
28.Diane(Acoustic) 29.Opal Mantra(Acoustic)

thomas azierhylas

1.Hylas 2.Ghostcity 3.Verwandlung
4.Rukeli's Last Dance 5.Red Eyes 6.Angelene
7.How To Disappear 8.Futuresound 9.Shadow Of The Sun
10.Yearn Yearn 11.Golden Wave 12.Sirens Of The Citylight

soul coughinglust in phaze:the best of soul coughing

1.Bus To Beelzebub 2.Sugar Free Jazz 3.True Dreams Of Wichita
4.Screenwriter's Blues 5.Janine 6.Blueeyed Devil
7.Buddha Rhubarb Butter 8.Unmarked Helicopters 9.Super Bon Bon
10.Soundtrack To Mary 11.Lazybones 12.Paint
13.Collapse 14.The Idiot Kings 15.St. Louise Is Listening
16.Rolling 17.$ 300 18.Circles
19.Super Bon Bon(Propellerheads Radio Edit Version) 20.Casiotone Nation(Live)

rufus wainwrightvibrate:the best of

1.Going To A Town 2.Out Of The Game 3.Me And Liza
4.Hallelujah 5.Oh What A World 6.April Fools
7.Poses 8.Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk 9.Vibrate
10.The One You Love 11.I Don't Know What It Is 12.The Art Teacher
13.Go Or Go Ahead 14.Dinner At Eight 15.Foolish Love
16.Sometimes You Need 17.Grey Gardens 18.Tiergarten
19.Bitter Tears 20.The Maker Makes(Brokeback Mountain / Soundtrack Version) 21.Across The Universe(Remix)
22.Complainte De La Butte 23.Chelsea Hotel No. 2(Live At The Brighton Dome, Brighton, England / 2004) 24.Chic And Pointless
25.WWIII 26.Jericho(Live From The Artists Den / 2012) 27.Montauk(Live From The Artists Den / 2012)
28.If Love Were All(Live At Kenwood House, United Kingdom /03 July 2010) 29.Do It Again(Live At Kenwood House, United Kingdom / 03 July 2010) 30.Zing ! Went The Strings Of My Heart(Live At Kenwood House, United Kingdom / 03 July 2010)
31.Memphis Skyline(Live At Kenwood House, United Kingdom / 03 July 2010) 32.Martha(BBC Live Version) 33.One Man GuyLive At KCRW
34.Rufus Wainwright Interview(From The BBC's 'In Concert' Program / 28 July 2011)



peter paul & marypeter, paul & mommy, too

1.Puff, The Magic Dragon Mommy '2' Version 2.The Fox 3.Somagwaza / Hey Motswala
4.Inside 5.Garden Song 6.The Eddystone Light
7.I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly 8.Somos El Barco 9.Pastures Of Plenty
10.Home On The Range / Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom 11.Right Field 12.Poem For Erika / For Baby
13.We Shall Overcome

anouklive at symphonica in rosso

1.The Rules(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 2.The Good Life(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 3.Are You Lonely(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
4.Kill(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 5.Birds(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 6.Down & Dirty(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
7.Woman(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 8.Modern World(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 9.I Won't Play That Game(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
10.One Word(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 11.I'm A Cliche(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 12.For Bitter Or Worse(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
13.Pretending As Always(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 14.Three Days In A Row(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 15.If I Go(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
16.Girl(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 17.Michel(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 18.Nothing At All(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
19.Wigger(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 20.Lost(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) 21.Killer Bee(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
22.Nobody's Wife(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)

50 centdon't worry 'bout it

1.Don't Worry 'Bout It

dierks bentleyriser

1.Bourbon In Kentucky 2.Say You Do 3.I Hold On
4.Pretty Girls 5.Here On Earth 6.Drunk On A Plane
7.Five 8.Riser 9.Sounds Of Summer
10.Damn These Dreams 11.Back Porch 12.Hurt Somebody

rick rossno games

1.No Games


1.Sugar 2.Sugar(Matthew Dear Remix) 3.Sugar((Matthew Dear Remix)(Instrumental)

paloma faith(帕洛瑪費絲)a perfect contradiction

1.Can't Rely On You 2.Mouth To Mouth 3.Take Me
4.Only Love Can Hurt Like This 5.Other Woman 6.Taste My Own Tears
7.Trouble With My Baby 8.The Bigger You Love(The Harder You Fall) 9.Impossible Heart
10.Love Only Leaves You Lonely 11.It's The Not Knowing

future islandsseasons(waiting on you)

1.Seasons(Waiting On You)

sophie zelmanigoing home

1.Dreamer 2.Going Home 3.I Can't Change
4.To Know You 5.Wait For Cry 6.Aftermath
7.Got To Stop 8.Maja's Song 9.Love On My Mind
10.Gone With The Madness 11.Happier Man 12.Oh Dear
13.I'll Remember You

we are the in crowdweird kids

1.Long Live The Kids 2.The Best Thing(That Never Happened) 3.Manners
4.Come Back Home 5.Attention 6.Dreaming Out Loud
7.Remember(To Forget You) 8.Don't You Worry 9.Windows In Heaven

klaxonsthere is no other time

1.There Is No Other Time 2.Children Of The Sun

foster the people(擁抱人群樂團)假面名模(supermodel)

1.Are You What You Want to Be ? 2.Ask Yourself 3.Coming Of Age
4.Nevermind 5.Pseudologia Fantastica 6.The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones
7.Best Friend 8.A Beginner's Guide To Destroying the Moon 9.Goats In Trees
10.The Truth 11.Fire Escape

eli young band10,000 towns

1.Drunk Last Night 2.10,000 Towns 3.Dust
4.Angel Like You 5.Let's Do Something Tonight 6.Your Last Broken Heart
7.What Does 8.A Lot Like Love 9.Just Add Moonlight
10.Revelations 11.Prayer For The Road


1.Geronimo Intro 2.Pulses 3.Acapella
4.I Want It All 5.Night Like This 6.Neon Love
7.Drifter 8.Tidal Wave 9.Gasoline
10.Puppet 11.Hate To Love You 12.Try Me On
13.What's In It For Me

little mix(混合甜心)word up !

1.Word Up !

ygmy krazy life(deluxe)

1.Momma Speech Intro 2.BPT 3.I Just Wanna Party
4.Left, Right 5.Bicken Back Being Bool 6.Meet The Flockers
7.My Nigga 8.Do It To Ya 9.Me & My Bitch
10.Who Do You Love ? 11.Really Be(Smokin N Drinkin) 12.1 AM
13.Thank God(Interlude) 14.Sorry Momma 15.When I Was Gone
16.Bompton 17.My Nigga(Remix)


1.Higher(feat. B.o.B)

little river bandgreatest hits

1.It's A Long Way There 2.Help Is On It's Way 3.Reminiscing
4.Man On Your Mind 5.The Other Guy 6.The Night Owls
7.Lonesome Loser 8.Take It Easy On Me 9.Down On The Border
10.Happy Anniversary 11.Lady 12.Cool Change

lea michele歡樂高歌(louder)

1.Cannonball(高飛的砲彈) 2.On My Way(在路上) 3.Burn With You(與你燃燒)
4.Battlefield(愛情戰場) 5.You're Mine(你是我的) 6.Thousand Needles(上千根針)
7.Louder(歡樂高歌) 8.Cue The Rain(讓雨下吧) 9.Don't Let Go(不要放手)
10.Empty Handed(空手而來) 11.If You Say So(你說了算)

pharrell williamsg i r l

1.Marilyn Monroe 2.Brand New 3.Hunter
4.Gush 5.Happy(From Despicable Me 2) 6.Come Get It Bae
7.Gust Of Wind 8.Lost Queen 9.Know Who You Are
10.It Girl

big daddy weavelove come to life:the redeemed edition

1.Jesus Move 2.Magnificent God 3.Love Come To Life
4.Stay 5.Different Light 6.If You Died Tonight
7.Redeemed 8.The Only Name(Yours Will Be) 9.Save My Life
10.Maker Of The Wind 11.Give My Life Away 12.Overwhelmed
13.Everything Beautiful 14.No Other Name 15.Redeemed Acoustic Edition
16.The Only Name(Yours Will Be)(Live) 17.Redeemed(Live)

dan crollsweet disarray

1.From Nowhere 2.Thinkin Aboutchu 3.Wanna Know
4.In / Out 5.Compliment Your Soul 6.Only Ghost
7.Can You Hear Me 8.Sweet Disarray 9.Maway
10.Must Be Leaving 11.Always Like This 12.Home

mila jsmoke, drink, break - up

1.Smoke, Drink, Break - Up

tove lotruth serum

1.Not On Drugs 2.Paradise 3.Over
4.Habits 5.Out Of Mind 6.Stay High(Habits Remix)

neck deepwishful thinking

1.Losing Teeth 2.Crushing Grief(No Remedy) 3.Staircase Wit
4.Damsel In Distress 5.Zoltar Speaks 6.Growing Pains
7.Say What You Want 8.Mileage 9.Sweet Nothings
10.What Did You Expect ? 11.Blank Pages 12.Candour

loreenwe got the power - remixes

1.We Got The Power(ANSOL Remix) 2.We Got The Power(Daniel Beasley Remix)

jai waetfordget to know you

1.Get To Know You 2.That Girl 3.You're The Lead
4.Sweetest Thing

kylie minoguekiss me once(special edition)

1.Into The Blue 2.Million Miles 3.I Was Gonna Cancel
4.Sexy Love 5.Sexercize 6.Feels So Good
7.If Only 8.Les Sex 9.Kiss Me Once
10.Beautiful 11.Fine 12.Mr President(Bonus Track)
13.Sleeping With The Enemy(Bonus Track)

no mythologies to follow(deluxe)

1.Fire Rides 2.Maiden 3.Never Wanna Know
4.Red In The Grey 5.Pilgrim 6.Don't Wanna Dance
7.Waste Of Time 8.Dust Is Gone 9.XXX 88
10.Walk This Way 11.Slow Love 12.Glass
13.No Mythologies To Follow 14.Dummy Head 15.The Sea
16.Gone And Found 17.Fire Rides(Night Version) 18.Dust Is Gone(Night Version)
19.Slow Love(Night Version) 20.The Sea(Night Version)

tony hudspethback from the cold

1.Do It Tonight 2.My Turn 3.Good Times
4.2 Beers 5.Back from the Cold 6.A Funky Attitude
7.Wildman Boogie 8.Try 9.Have Fun
10.Got It Wrong 11.Sunny Days

triviumvengeance falls

1.Brave This Storm 2.Vengeance Falls 3.Strife
4.No Way to Heal 5.To Believe 6.At the End of This War
7.Through Blood and Dirt and Bone 8.Villainy Thrives 9.Incineration: The Broken World
10.Wake (The End is Nigh)

justin timberlakenot a bad thing

1.Not A Bad Thing

the frayhelios(太陽神)

1.Hold My Hand 2.Love Don't Die 3.Give It Away
4.Closer To Me 5.Hurricane 6.Keep On Wanting
7.Our Last Days 8.Break Your Plans 9.Wherever This Goes
10.Shadow And A Dancer 11.Same As You

candice glovermusic speaks

1.Cried 2.Die Without You 3.Same Kinda Man
4.Damn 5.Passenger 6.Forever That Man
7.Kiss Me 8.In The Middle 9.Coulda Been Me
10.Thank You 11.Love Song

grouplovespreading rumours

1.I'm With You 2.Borderlines And Aliens 3.Schoolboy
4.Ways To Go 5.Shark Attack 6.Sit Still
7.Hippy Hill 8.What I Know 9.Didn't Have To Go
10.Bitin' The Bullet 11.News To Me 12.Raspberry
13.Save The Party For Me


1.Sad Ghost 2.Mad At Myself 3.Life Of A Nine
4.The Langdon House 5.Late 6.Old Dena(By Scout)
7.Stingray Affliction 8.Never Lose Your Flames 9.Personality Cult
10.Tears On The Runway Pt 2(feat. Nylo) 11.The Settlement 12.Disappear(Remember When)

cole swindellcole swindell

1.Hey Y'all 2.Chillin' It 3.Swayin'
4.Hope You Get Lonely Tonight 5.Let Me See Ya Girl 6.Ain't Worth The Whiskey
7.Brought To You By Beer 8.I Just Want You 9.Get Up
10.Dozen Roses & A Six - Pack 11.Down Home Boys 12.The Back Roads & The Back Row

gusterone man wrecking machine ep

1.One Man Wrecking Machine 2.Days(Bonus Track) 3.Ruby Falls
4.Two At A Time(Demo Version) 5.Good Feeling(Live)(EP Version)


1.Spring Manifestations 2.Canto De Los Flores 3.Life Is Anew
4.Give And Take 5.One With The Sun 6.Aspirations
7.Practice What You Preach 8.Mirage 9.Here And Now
10.Flor De Canela 11.Promise Of A Fisherman 12.Barboletta


1.Aghregh Medin 2.Timadrit In Sahara 3.Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim
4.Tahalamot 5.Sendad Eghlalan 6.Imdiwanin ahi Tifhamam
7.Koud Edhaz Emin 8.Emajer 9.Toumast Tincha
10.Chaghaybou 11.Arhegh Danagh

tommy castrothe devil you know

1.The Devil You Know 2.Second Mind 3.I'm Tired
4.Center of Attention 5.The Whale Have Swallowed Me 6.When I Cross the Mississippi
7.Mojo Hannah 8.Two Steps Forward 9.She Wanted To Give It To Me
10.Keep On Smilin' 11.Medicine Woman 12.That's All I Got

thin lizzythunder and lightning

1.Thunder And Lightning 2.This Is The One 3.The Sun Goes Down
4.The Holy War 5.Cold Sweat 6.Someday She Is Going To Hit Back
7.Baby Please Don't Go 8.Bad Habits 9.Heart Attack

the unguidedfragile immortality

1.When All the Seraphim Cry (Zardonic feat. The Unguided) 2.Defector DCXVI 3.Inception
4.Enforce 5.Carnal Genesis 6.Unguided Entity
7.Oblivion 8.Only Human 9.Blodbad
10.Deathwalker (Zardonic Remix) 11.Unguided Entity (Zardonic Remix) 12.Deathwalker


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